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A game is a structured activity, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool.
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About This Article: Grown Up Games

Not all games are meant for kids, whether they are online or not. Grown up games can include board games, computer games or online games.

Grown up games


A spouse and a shack are all you have at the start. The action cards available need to be used to construct a farm. At the end of 14 turns and 6 harvest stages, the player with the most successful farm wins the game. Prioritization of actions is crucial to win at this game. 1-5 players.

Puerto Rico

Set in Puerto Rico during the sail ships era, the players are plantation owners growing five different crops. The player who runs his business more efficiently and develops the town of San Juan wins at the end. 3-5 players.

Power Grid

Players compete against each other to supply more cities with power by buying power plants and materials needed to generate energy from them. As technology improves, players have to upgrade their plants or they risk losing business. 2-6 players.

Twilight Struggle

The game is played on a world map related to Cold War era. Players act as the USA and USSR and they fight to win the war. Victory points are awarded according to the decisions they make regarding events that occurred during that era. 2 players.

Tigris and Euphrates

Set in ancient times, players place tiles to build civilizations and use four types of leaders to collect victory points. Clashes arise when civilizations meet on the board. The winner is the player who has the highest score in his weakest category. 2-4 players.

El Grande

The game is based in medieval Spain where the king is losing power and the players are competing for control of provinces as Grandes or Lords. Each lord moves their knights on the board to seize power. The winner is the player with the most points scored at the end of the ninth turn. 2-5 players.


King Philip of France is building a new castle in the village of Caylus. Players are master builders who construct the castle and develop the surrounding city. The more they gain the King's favor, the higher the prestige points earned. Once the castle is completed, the winner will be the player with the most prestige points. 2-5 players.

The Princes of Florence

Players are given a city grid each on which they must develop medieval and renaissance cities in order to attract different professions to them. The professions have preferences for choosing a city based on buildings, landscape, and societal freedom. Work points are earned when professions are attracted to the city which allows a player to trade the points for cash or victory points. 2-5 players.

CSI: Senses

Players collect evidence and put together theories while they race around the game board to be the first to name the prime suspect to solve the crime. Each player moves their pawn through the 5 CSI departments that put their visual, audio, memory, communication skills and IQ to the test. 2-4 players.

Summary - Board games that cater to older players require greater strategic thinking, mature themes and are sometimes based on real life situations.
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