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A game is a structured activity, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool.
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About This Article: The Gaming Experience

The gaming experience is the best experience in the world for those who enjoy gaming and spend the majority of their time on it.

The gaming experience


Nintendo is one of the best-selling consoles in the world, and its users vouch by the completely exhilarating gaming experience that it provides.

Nintendo is a market leader in both segments: The portable or hand-held video game segment, which is represented by Nintendo DS, and the home video game segment, represented by Nintendo Wii.


The "DS" stands for "Dual Screen" which explains by itself that this console offers you two LCD screens, including a bottom touch-screen for controls. This ensures an optimum gaming experience for the user.

THE VIRTUAL CONNECTION: Gaming with Nintendo is never going to be a boring or lonely activity. It Wi-Fi connectivity enables the user to engage in competitions with multiple players worldwide, and stay in touch with them constantly.

THE GAMES STOREHOUSE: Practically all conceivable segments of gaming software are covered by Nintendo's games with top selling game titles available in each. Prominent segments includes Fighting, Sports, Family Games, Board Games, Puzzles, Racing, and Brain Teasers.

THE DS LITE VERSION: It is an enhanced version of the original DS, with a lighter weight, large screen size, and sharper screen images. It also has an inbuilt slot for Game Boy Advance cartridges, so it serves a dual purpose for enjoying the Game Boy software as well.


This is a fantastic home video game console that has given its tough competitors like the PlayStation and Xbox 360 a run for their money. The most distinguishing feature of the Nintendo Wii is its Wireless Controller that resembles a TV remote, and is equally simple to operate.

The Wii console offers some truly advanced features such as intuitive control and some brilliant graphical capabilities. At 1.2 kg weight, it is the lightest gaming console unit among its competitors.

Wii REMOTE: This slim, unbelievable gadget responds to the motion sensors posted on the television set. It transports the player in a virtual world where the player has to literally swing his arms to throw a pass in a ball game, or wield a weapon in a fighting game. This motion technology has provided the users with an unparalleled gaming experience.

Wi-Fi CONNECTION: The Wii goes online with the help of its Wi-Fi connection, to enable connectivity and interaction with other gamers worldwide in real-time. The console unit connects to the user's home computer wi-fi network, that is accessible via a wi-fi hub or a USB adapter. There is no extra cost for enjoy this online experience online.

PAY AND PLAY: This is a new feature introduced in 2008 to enhance the gaming experience of the users further. It enables the user to download premium content by using the "Nintendo Points" currency.

WiiCONNECT24: Another unique feature of the Wii, it enables the system to remain connected to the Internet even when the console is in standby mode. Sending and receiving of data is possible through this feature even when the system is not in use and no games are being played.

SUMMARY: Both the DS and the Wii offer a fantastic overall gaming experience to the users. The loyalty of the Nintendo owners is very high only because the products as well as the gaming titles deliver even more than what they promise. Therefore, the user can enjoy a pleasant and hassle-free gaming experience.
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