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A game is a structured activity, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool.

The Different Types of Gaming Available Today

Whether it's on a console or the traditional board game, gaming today has evolved into different types that include Playstation, Nintendo and Xbox, while traditional card and board games also exist. Games are constantly evolving with new versions being introduced and technology being used to improve the gaming experience. The Internet has also introduced a new platform for games, providing gamers all over the world a place on cyberspace to share and compete.

Computer games
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The evolution of computer games
Computers started as devices which computed mathematics, solved logical problems and executed programs to complete a certain task. This soon changed when some software companies realized that the computer could be used as an entertainment tool.

Computer games started to come out in the early 1980s. These games were designed by university students and the games ran on university mainframe computers. These games were nothing of the caliber of games you see today. But it was quite an achievement considering the time they were designed.. The boost to computer games came after the introduction of the home or personal computers. Software companies quickly seized the opportunity to mass produce games for home computer owners. These games again were very primitive, but it did its job up to a certain extent, which was of course to entertain.

The best thing that happened to computer games was the introduction of a Graphical User Interface or a GUI in the year of 1995. This broadened the prospects of computer games. The GUI which was of course Windows 95 was so successful that in the year of 1998 Microsoft released Windows 98. This was the actual beginning of mass producing of computer games. Microsoft allowed many games to be run on their new platform to the delight of the software companies who developed computer games and the computer gamers.  Read More
Featured Articles
GTA III can easily be given as the title of the 'greatest ever computer game'. Published by Rockstar Games in May 2002, it changed the landscape of video games worldwide, let alone computer games, and became a huge hit through word-of-mouth and widespread critical acclaim. Though the graphics look quite poor when compared to today's games, when it was released, it was host to a huge amount of freedom and precise detail. Yes, it is widely criticized as an extremely violent game, but, the success all came down to the fact that you could keep yourself entertained with a variety of activities, rather than follow a rigid set of levels. Basically there are four types of computer games. The first is strategy, second is first person shooters, third is 3rd person views and the fourth is racing. Each type of game gives a different type of gaming experience and a different type of challenge. Strategic games consist of games like War Craft, Red Alert, Sim City, Generals, Command and Conquer and so on. These games need to be played with caution and patience. For example you will have to first start building your city. To build you need to have an income which usually consists of things like gold, silver, wood, stone, coal, oil and so on. When building your city you will have to use...
The whole idea of online gaming revolves around a computer network which could either be a local network or an international one such as the Internet. The growth of online gaming has grown along with the growth of computer networks, which started as local networks and later developed into the Internet. Online games could range from anything like a word game such as scrabble, to games which could be graphical and contain immense 3-D effects and accommodate many hundreds of players at the same time, from all over the globe. Online games are usually connected with online communities, thereby taking it a step further from a one-player game to a means of social networking. The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (popularly known by the acronym WFC) is an online service that enables multi-user online gameplay in Nintendo Wii and DS consoles that have wi-fi compatibility. Internet usage is integrated with the wi-fi connection. MAIN FEATURES: The Nintendo Wi-Fi connection enables simultaneous online play for up to 8 players on the DS system and up to 32 players on the Wii system. Most popular features of the Wi-Fi Connection include Global Match-making, Leader-boards, Online Tournaments, and exclusive downloadable contents. More special features are enabled between gaming partners who have exchanged "Friend Codes".
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