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A game is a structured activity, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool.

The Different Types of Gaming Available Today

Whether it's on a console or the traditional board game, gaming today has evolved into different types that include Playstation, Nintendo and Xbox, while traditional card and board games also exist. Games are constantly evolving with new versions being introduced and technology being used to improve the gaming experience. The Internet has also introduced a new platform for games, providing gamers all over the world a place on cyberspace to share and compete.

Board games
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History of board games
The oldest complete board game found to date is the Royal Game of Ur, discovered in the royal tombs at Ur in Mesopotamia (Ancient Sumeria). The game is believed to have existed around 2500BC. The rules of the game are not known entirely, but it appears to be a race game. The boards found range from simply designed boards to richly decorated pieces. This indicates the game had several versions according to the players' social standing.

Game boards with 3 x 10 squares have been found in Egyptian sites which date back as far as 3000BC. This game is known as Senet (sometimes pronounced Senat) or Game of Thirty Squares. Senet is considered as one of the oldest board games in the world, if not THE oldest of all. Variants of this game discovered include 3x6 squares and 3x12 squares boards. A common trait found on many Senet boards was the game of Tau being featured on its reverse side.

The Mancala family of games consists of two or more parallel rows of holes into which pieces are transferred by players. Pebbles, seeds, sea shells are the most commonly used objects as pieces. Many versions of the game under various names are found throughout Africa and the Caribbean and also in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Malaysia. Mancala boards have been found in Ancient Sumarian and Egyptian sites, indicating the game's existence as early as 1400BC.

Game boards have been found on Egyptian sites of the Game of Twenty Squares, also known as Tau and Aseb. Tau is estimated to have existed around 1000BC. The rules of Tau are thought to be somewhat similar to the Royal Game of Ur. Another version of Tau called Double Tau also existed during that same era but how it was played is unknown.  Read More
Featured Articles
Board Games have existed in our world since times immemorial. Perhaps, the origin of Board Games is as old as civilization itself. There are many archaeological sites, artifacts and historical texts that provide some evidence of the earliest board games in human history. At a time when paper, wooden board or ink was not even invented, the earliest board games were played on a slab of stone, or on the ground itself. "Senet" is recognized as probably the most ancient board game in the world. It belongs to the pre-dynastic Egyptian civilization, dating approximately 3500 B.C., that is, about 5500 years ago. Patolli is another board game that was played during the reign of the Mayan civilization. An ancient variant of the Backgammon board game, it was discovered in the Iranian excavations dating nearly 5000 years ago. Game of Go (China and Japan) - Considered to be one of the oldest board games, Go is a territorial game played by two. Players place black and white stones on the intersections of lines on a board marked with a 19-by-19 grid. Spaces on the board are surrounded and captured by players and points awarded for number of intersections in each captured territory. The player with the higher number of points wins a game. Mahjong (China) - A game for four players that involves skill, strategy, calculation and a certain amount of luck. Many variations of the original game are found today throughout the world. Depending on the version, players are dealt thirteen or sixteen tiles. Tiles are drawn and discarded each turn with the objective of making one pair and four or five melds. Once a tile is drawn that completes the hand...
Board Games are a wonderful and creative way to enjoy during your spare time. The traditional board games have an advantage over computer, television or video games in the sense that they do not put excessive strain on the eyes or ears, and usually they are not violent in concept or nature. Settlers of Catan is a multiplayer board game. Players represent the settlers who set up a colony in the island of Catan. Resources are granted to players according to the roll of two dices. The resources are used to build or upgrade roads or settlements or they can be used for trade. These actions earn...
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