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A game is a structured activity, usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes used as an educational tool.
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About This Article: The Top Ten Card Games: Best card games

Find out what the best card games are and if you're favorite game is included.

The top ten card games

1. Poker

Poker involves betting on the value of the cards in your hands (the value is determined according to a 'hand rankings' hierarchy) by putting money in a central pot. The player with the highest value cards, or the remaining player (after all others have folded) wins.

2. Go Fish

Go Fish involves a player asking whether other players have a card of a particular rank. Whoever has it has to give all such cards. Those who don't tell him to 'go fish'. He has to pick a card from a pile, and the player who didn't have the card gets to request others for cards. The person whose hand only has sets wins.

3. Cribbage

Traditionally a 2-player game, but commonly played with more, cribbage involves playing and getting cards in groups in order to score points. A 'cribbage board' is used for score-keeping.

4. Bridge

A game of skill and chance, bridge is played by 4 players in teams of 2. The partners sit opposite of each other. A 'bidding' is done, which ends with a declaration by teams to take a certain number of tricks with/without a particular trump. Play is carried out, after which a hand is scored.

5. Rummy

Rummy involves trying to dispose all the cards in your hand, which should be in particular sequences of 3 or more. During play, you can either pick a card from the 'stock' pile or 'discard' pile, and put a card down.

6. Texas Hold 'em

Arguably the most popular poker game in casinos (and considered as a good strategic analysis game), Texas hold 'em involves the player using any combo of the 5 cards placed face-up on the table (community cards) and his/her own 2 cards (hole cards) in order to make a poker hand.

7. War

In War, each of the 2 players are given 26 cards, which are put face-down. Both players take the top-most card from their set and compare them. Whoever has the highest ranking card wins both. If they're equal, one each is put face - down, and another 2 cards are compared. The winner gets all cards. The person with all cards wins.

8. Solitaire

This game is started by dealing cards onto a table in a particular arrangement, after which you have to re-order the deck according to suit and rank by transferring cards from one set to another under restrictions.

9. Blackjack

This game is started by giving 7 cards each to 2 players . The top card is taken from the 'pile' and is put face-up. If the player has a card of the same rank/suit, he has to put it down, or take a card from the discard pile. The first person to discard his cards wins.

10. Slapjack

The game starts off by dealing the cards among the players, face - down. The top card on their pile is put in the centre. When a jack comes, the first person to reach the pile wins.
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