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Flower Preservation Service Business

Flower Preservation Service Business
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Flower Preservation Service Business Interview With MaryLee Bennett -
CEO of Suspended In Time
Flower Preservation Service Business

Love Flowers? Start a Flower Preservation Service Business Today!

By: MaryLee Bennett

People who love flowers owe it to themselves to investigate the Flower Preservation ServicemBusiness offered Suspended in Time™. If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own Flower Preservation Service Business or just love flowers, then we have a business opportunity for a franchise dealership that may be just right for you.

Suspended In Time ™ has developed a revolutionary process of preserving floral arrangements such as bridal bouquets, anniversary and funeral arrangements and other keepsake flowers.  This is not a Freeze Dry Method.  This flower preservation process only takes an average of 3-5 days to complete.  Our unique and innovative drying process makes it possible to preserve live flowers so that they stay looking fresh and beautiful for years to come.   You can provide this much appreciated Flower Preservation Service through your Business to customers that want to preserve the memories associated with their floral occasions.

Suspended in Time™, Inc. is a growing opportunity and a great way to get started in your own Flower Preservation Service Business – a business that you can operate right out of your home. Suspended in Time™ also is a great expansion opportunity for florists or flower store owners who want to offer Flower Preservation services that help their customers preserve the flowers that they buy.  Most business opportunities are labor-intensive or require a hard sell. Return on investment is, at best, a wish and a hope. Our Flower Preservation machines operate virtually unattended and produce floral products which sell themselves either as your own decorative creation or a client’s sentimental keepsake

With Suspended In Time’s™ technology and success in the Flower Preservation Service Business industry over the last ten years, we are expanding our business opportunities in your area. We offer an excellent dealership package which gives you the opportunity to start a Flower Preservation Service Business from your own home or store front with low risk and affordable start-up investment.

Training and Sales Support

Once you make the decision to enter the Flower Preservation Service Business industry, there are a number of ways to get the word out. The product speaks for itself in its quality and beauty and people will want to talk about it. We provide you with methods and marketing plans at training.

Your Flower Preservation training is provided at the Corporate office located in Orem, UT for two people. Large discounts on room accommodations, with shuttles available both to hotel and training as needed. Breakfast and lunch are provided. Training consists of 3, 10 hour days of training that includes all of the materials needed to finish 3 full encasements. This also includes a step by step Flower Preservation Service Business manual, product catalog and a large kit with most of the supplies you will need to start your own business. On-going support is provided and available daily during business hours for as long as you need it or want it. When you succeed, we succeed!

Contact Information

To explore this rewarding Business Opportunity,
visit or call the Corporate office at 801-227-0075 between the hours of 9 to 5 Mountain Standard time.

Start-Up Costs / Requirments

Capital requirements when starting your Flower Preservation Service Business are dependent on allotments or in other words, the area that you choose to work. Allotments are based on population, demographics, median income, growth trends and the census information. Allotments start at $4,176.00 and are discounted at each additional allotment. There is a monthly, flat rate, licensing fee associated with your allotments and a very small annual fee. There are never royalty fees associated when starting your Flower Preservation Service Business through Suspended In Time™ Inc. Dealers are responsible for purchasing certain materials, supplies and equipment from Suspended In Time™ Inc


Your earnings will depend on you and the efforts that you put in to making your Flower Preservation Service Business successful. You are in control of the profitability and success of your Dealership. This is not a turn-key business, so it will take time, effort and work to establish your Flower Preservation Service Business in your area.

Here is a simple example of the potential.

Finished Floral Arrangements - Click Here

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