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Color Me Beautiful,

A Cosmetics Franchise Opportunity

Don’t you just love Cosmetics? Cosmetics should be a part of every mom’s life. Whether it’s mascara, skin and body products or lipstick, a new product or shade makes a woman feel beautiful. Now, everyone knows a person is happier and more fulfilled when doing something they enjoy, this is where Color Me Beautiful enters the picture.  Color Me Beautiful offers moms the opportunity to start a fun and glamorous Cosmetics Franchise business.

Color Me Beautiful offers a home-based Cosmetics Franchise opportunity that can be run either full or part-time.  Consultants learn a unique color draping technique that makes their clients look and feel great.  Color Me Beautiful’s color draping and analysis process moves their consultants above other beauty product companies and sets them up as an authority on color.  All of the cosmetics from Color Me Beautiful are seasonal color based with products to suit every skin tone.  Steve DiAntonio, CEO of Color Me Beautiful, says, “We offer a great income with just a few hours every week. Plus it’s fun because you get to sell something you love – cosmetics!”

Color Me Beautiful offers many national brands such as Color Me Beautiful, Adrien Arpel, Flori Roberts and Patti LaBelle.  These lines have been in large department stores for years.  The company felt the need to offer its clients a more personalized service.  In order to accomplish this goal, their focus changed from department store selling to sales through home-based consultants running their own Cosmetics Franchise.  Color Me Beautiful is a leader in the cosmetics industry.  Their latest edition, “Reinvent Yourself With Color Me Beautiful,” is available in bookstores everywhere.

Starting a Cosmetics Franchise with Color Me Beautiful is very affordable.  Start –up costs are only $99 plus $20 for shipping and handling.  The start up package includes everything a consultant needs to start their business including product samples and training materials.  Conferences, both regional and national, and weekly conference calls are also available and help consultants achieve success. Color Me Beautiful ships products directly to each consultant’s clients so there is no need to keep inventory or deliver orders. 

Color Me Beautiful is a fun, affordable and exciting home-based business for Bizy Moms!  By starting a Cosmetics Franchise through Color Me Beautiful, moms will create a business with flexible hours, unlimited income potential and products that every woman they know will purchase again and again!



If you love wearing and trying new cosmetics and you like helping others look great, then you will love running your own Cosmetics Franchise through Color Me Beautiful!


Selling Methods

Color Me Beautiful analyzes a client’s best makeup and clothing color choices through fabric draping. Our Cosmetics Franchise Consultants have the option of selling through home parties, via friends and family, online, at women’s events, to co-workers and at any other social gathering.


Start-Up Costs

Your career starter pack costs $119. This includes shipping and everything you will need to start making money with your Cosmetics Franchise right away. You will find sample products, a training manual full of helpful instructions and tips, catalogs and other promotional materials. No inventory is required. You share and demonstrate the products and we ship directly to your clients. You earn up to 40% commission.

Training and Sales Support

Color Me Beautiful offers their consultants weekly conference calls, regional training opportunities and national conferences to aid in the success of their Cosmetics Franchise Business.

Bonuses or Incentives

Our consultants earn great take-home earnings by selling nationally known products. In addition, your Cosmetics Franchise Business has the potential to produce six-figure earnings through the development of a team. You will also have the opportunity to earn added items like gorgeous jewelry, fun cruises and even a Mercedes 350!


The table below lays out the income opportunities available to you through your Color Me Beautiful Cosmetics Franchise Business!
Activity Earnings/Month
1 party per week averaging $300 per party $480
2 parties per week averaging $400 per party $1280
2 parties per week averaging $300 per party and enroll 12 others who do what you do $4,632
2 parties per week averaging $300 and 30 others doing what you do             $11,580
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Here are some testimonials from current Consultants
“I like helping women look great and get compliments. The Color Me Beautiful color analysis system is the very best at putting women in their right clothing and makeup colors.” C. McCartney.

“What a fabulous way to have fun and earn extra income. I’ve always loved makeup. I sell Color Me Beautiful pat-time. My friends and business colleagues love the product. And, I’m taking home an extra $500 a month.” S. Welch.

“Color Me Beautiful makes it easy. Because Color Me Beautiful, Adrien Arpel and Flori Roberts are national brands and well-known, they sell themselves. . And, I’ve got something for any skin challenge. I love that I don’t have to carry inventory. All I have to do is talk to friends, about why I love the products and sales just happen. Last month I took home $2,100.” B. Randolph.

“I’m helping others be successful. I’m teaching them to do what I do. I’ve been in the business less than a year and I earn between $5,000 and $10,000 a month working two to three days a week.
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