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Lisa Hinz - Director of Franchise Development
800-890-1000 x107,

Child Identity Franchise

By: Lonnie Helgerson, CFE President Ident-A-Kid® Services of America, Child Identity Franchise 

Interest / Skills: The Ident-A-Kid® Services of America Child Identity franchise opportunity offers a national brand equity that has been built over 23 years of franchisee success. As an Ident-A-Kid® Child Identity franchisee, you can be proud to be working for the welfare of children and confident you are building a business that have great importance and produce a positive impact in your community. And while you’ll be building a Child Identity business for yourself, you won’t do it by yourself.

No Previous Industry Experience is Necessary! Ident-A-Kid® Child Identity Franchisees are people that are passionate about children, have a desire to serve the community and be their own boss, and at the same time want the flexibility to spend more time with their families. Good time management skills and a strong belief in Child Identity and Safety, something we have been doing for over 21 years is all you need. We will teach you everything else! Best of all, Ident-A-Kid’s® franchise fees are relatively low and we will NEVER charge you any royalties. Unlike most franchisors that charge royalties, we choose instead to build a long-term beneficial relationship with our Child Identity franchisees by providing supplies and marketing materials at a reasonable cost.

President & COO Ident-A-Kid
Services of America
Child Identity Interview with Lonnie Helgerson, CFE- President & COO Ident-A-Kid
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Child Identity

Child Identity Selling Methods

Over the last 23 years, Ident-A-Kid® has brought peace of mind to millions of parents nationwide. Many of the thousands of schools that have implemented the Ident-A-Kid® Child Identity Program have gained local press coverage, community recognition, the respect of educators, and goodwill in the district. Ident-A-Kid® is a positive way to keep kids safe and build strong relationships for the school. School administrators understand the growing dangers that exist for students today. Tragic events – starting with Columbine and including most recently the shootings at Virginia Tech – emphasize both the need and the responsibility of schools to implement effective Child Identity and safety programs. Ident-A-Kid® provides schools with proven Child Identity programs that work and are of great value for parents and students.

Start-Up Costs
At just $24,900 - our affordable, turnkey Child Identity franchise system includes everything you need to launch and grow a successful Ident-A-Kid® franchise. If you are a qualified Veteran of the Armed Forces, you are eligible for a $1,245 discount on the franchise fee.
Contact Information

Lisa Hinz - Director of Franchise Development
800-890-1000 x107,,

Child Identity Training and Sales Support

Here’s what you can expect… The Portable Digital Fingerprint Capture and Data Acquisition System for the Ident-A-Kid® 2000 System Software uses a laptop computer, digital scale, digital fingerprint scanner and Ident-A-Kid’s® exclusive Child Identity software to acquire on-site data while processing a school or child care center. Here's what's included:

  • Supplies and initial inventory needed to begin business
  • 60 hours of interactive telephone training
  • Two day certification at our training facility in St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Comprehensive operations and marketing manual
  • National Partnership Program
  • KidNet, our comprehensive 24/7 Franchisee Support System Intranet
  • An exclusive and protected territory
  • Support for the lifetime of your business

Ident-A-Kid does not charge a royalty fee, however you are required to purchase $6,500 of product annually.

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