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Bette Fetter - CEO of Young Rembrandts

1. What is the Young Rembrandts program all about?

Young Rembrandts has a desire to raise generations that value the power, the passion and the significance of art. To do this, we teach drawing skills to pre-school and elementary children, providing them with the fundamental skills needed to be successful in all of the visual arts. There is a misunderstanding that success in the arts is for a limited few, but Young Rembrandts believes that all children can and should learn to draw. We have a unique method of teaching drawing that develops great artistic abilities, art vocabulary and an overall art literacy, while developing core learning skills that dramatically impact students’ academic abilities.

2. How did this concept come to life?

Young Rembrandts was developed 20 years ago, in response to a very real need for supplemental art classes for elementary children. The children in our community did have art classes in their schools that focused on media exploration, but they did not have a way to further their interests and knowledge in the arts. These children specifically wanted to learn how to draw. When people saw the success and dramatic skill increase in my elementary students, I was invited into pre-schools and developed a tremendous program that delivers results beyond anyone’s expectations, for pre-school students. Young Rembrandts was also a product of me as a mother of four young children, wanting a career that suited my skills and passions, but wanting even more the ability to be a very involved and available parent.

3. As a working mom, how did you juggle kids and a career?

When I began teaching around my kitchen table I had three little girls, 2, 4 and 6. Our son was born when we started to grow the business more. For several years I taught 200 children a week, while caring for 4 young children of my own! Life was intense and we had a great time. Eventually my husband left his sales career and came to help grow Young Rembrandts. As the business grew and we moved to office space, eventually franchised the business, but the office was always 5 minutes away from their schools. We have been blessed to take time to go see the school plays, help with homecoming floats, all their after school activities, sports teams and more! Our business was designed to give us that flexibility, while being the sole support of our family.

4. Let us talk about the franchise opportunity…

For a $31,500 fee, franchisees receive a generous and protected territory, where they will operate a Young Rembrandts home based business. They market Young Rembrandts to the pre-schools and elementary schools in their territory. As they establish relationships and programs in the community, they hire and train their teaching staff to deliver top quality classes throughout their territory. Franchisees receive sales, marketing, and teacher training materials, as well as an abundance of top quality curriculum for multiple age groups.

5. Why do you believe it is ideal for women?

Young Rembrandts is a home based business that is based on relationships, networking and multitasking! Many of our owners have been involved in the corporate world, and are looking for a business that brings them financial success while giving them more flexibility than corporate jobs do. Most women are responsible for the care and busy schedules of their families and need a career that allows them much needed flexibility. Young Rembrandts is very compatible with family life and brings great satisfaction.

6. What kind of support do you provide your franchisees?

Initially, our franchisees attend week long training at our corporate offices. They receive training in all aspects of the Young Rembrandts business, along with extensive materials to support them when they arrive back home. Our training and support staff have all been with Young Rembrandts for a minimum of 9 years and are very knowledgeable in all aspects of the business. We have a strong commitment along with many unique support and training programs, all designed to make our franchisees successful. Our franchisees’ success is our success.

7. How successful is Young Rembrandts franchise today?

We currently have 60 franchisees across the country and teach about 30,000 students a week. We anticipate another 100 franchisees in the next 4 years.

Recently we opened Young Rembrandts locations in South Korea and expect additional international locations in the near future. We have recently re-branded all of our Young Rembrandts marketing materials, developed our own proprietary task management software, opened an online store for our franchisees, are about to launch our new expanded website which includes online registration and galleries of student art work. We have always had a commitment to quality and reinvestment in order to make the Young Rembrandts system the strongest it can be for our owners.

8. What in your idea is the most gratifying thing about being a Young Rembrandts franchisee?

The most common dynamic of Young Rembrandts owners is the satisfaction of a business and career spent enriching their communities and children in their area. Success in business takes hard work and commitment, but when there are brighter children, satisfied school districts and more art and interests in the arts in the community, our franchisees know their efforts serve a higher purpose. We have great partnerships with caring, successful owners that want to impact the world

9. What motivates you?

I have been able to spend my life immersed in the two things that are dearest to me; children and art. Art is my passion. I love creating it, looking at it, learning about it, teaching it. And, I love children. Children are the future. Each child has a unique personality and combination of gifts. It is a blessing to create ways to honor who they are as individuals, help develop their skills, and encourage them as they mature and grow. Over the years, I have been blessed to work with a remarkably dedicated staff and team of instructors. Young Rembrandts has been a joyous undertaking for all of us.

10. Who is your role model?

I love to read biographies, especially of those with strong pioneer personalities. I have long admired Maria Montessori. She reminded a whole culture of the innate abilities within each child and developed revolutionary ways to tap into and draw out their potential. Walt Disney was a remarkable pioneer in multiple areas. And Eleanor Roosevelt was an intelligent, socially conscious, strong woman that worked tirelessly for social causes that impacted our entire nation. They were people that had great faith in their cause and wanted to make an impact.

11. What is a good formula for success for a mom?

Follow your passions. Know there are opportunities that allow you to be challenged and satisfied as an individual, and be financially successful.

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