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Lori Barrett - CEO of Thinkertots

1. What inspired Thinkertots?

After I had my first child, I was looking for educational programs for him and was disappointed in what I found. I did not want a gym program or indoor playground type activities. I wanted him to learn! That coupled with my desire to work close to home, only a few hours a day, led me to develop Thinkertots!

2. What are your own experiences of dealing with children as a child development professional?

Dealing with children is very rewarding. When they are very young you have a chance to really make an impact on the person they will become. That makes it's unbelievably exciting to work with children.

3. What made you decide to franchise?

We wanted to be able to bring the Thinkertots to as many children as possible. Franchising allowed us to expand quickly and have the benefit of a committed partner (franchisee).

4. Let us talk about your franchising opportunity?

Thinkertots is a wonderful opportunity for someone who wants to work with children, work close to home and be able to spend time with her children.

5. Why do you believe that it is ideal for women?

It allows a woman to have her own business, but gives the flexibility needed to attend to her own family. We also find that many women want a business that has a value to the community and Thinkertots definitely fills that need!

6. What is the most gratifying thing about being a Thinkertots franchisee?

Helping to “Grow Better People!”

7. What kind of qualifications or qualities do you look for in a franchisee?

The ideal candidate is a “people person” who is warm, sociable, loves children and has the motivation to succeed. Everything else we can teach you!

8. Do you believe that women can have it all?

I definitely believe women can have it all, but it takes planning. She has to go out and create the life she wants. The opportunity is out there.

9. Any words of encouragement to our mompreneurs?

I would say absolutely go for it. There is no comparison to the feeling of working for yourself!

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