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Peter Tourian - Founder of SYNERGY HomeCare

1. Tell us about the beginning of the Synergy Home Care franchise?

I started Synergy HomeCare in 2002 in Mesa, AZ. As the founder of Synergy Staffing, a medical staffing firm, I noticed the need for non--medical home care on a daily basis. We would receive calls into our office asking if we could send caregivers to the homes of the elderly for private duty home care services.

During a visit of one of the nursing homes that I use to assist in staffing, I sat and talked with one of their elderly residents. She told me that she didn't need to be there, she felt like she was a burden on her children. She asked her children to be put into the home so she wouldn't have to call them for help. She continued to tell me that all she needed was a little help preparing meals and bathing assistance a few times a week. That is when I decided to open Synergy HomeCare in Mesa, AZ.

2. What is your franchising opportunity all about?

Synergy HomeCare is all about providing premier non-medical home care services to clients of all ages. I enjoy and continue to enjoy this business daily. I touch the lives of many clients by helping them remain independent in their home. I also wanted to give other like-minded caring individuals the same opportunity I have - to own their own Synergy HomeCare franchise and be able to help others and make a very comfortable living while doing so.

3. What are the qualities you look for in your ideal franchisee?

The most important quality a Synergy HomeCare franchisee must have is to be a caring person. We are in the business of helping others and going out of our way to provide care. Other qualities that an ideal franchisee would have are a background in marketing and sales. A person can have the best product or service in the world but if they can't get the name out nobody will know about it! Written, verbal skills and a good multi-tasker are critical too.

4. Do you feel that franchising is a great way to go for women who wish to start their own business?

Absolutely!!! Franchising is a proven business model of a concept that is already created for a new franchisee. All franchise owners have the support of our corporate office that help our franchisees with training, grand opening assistance, marketing, advertising, sales, recruiting and many other areas of a business. We have many single moms, stay at home moms that have been out of the work force raising their children and currently employed women who contact us to start their own Synergy HomeCare franchise. Many of them do not have prior business experience, which is why a franchise is a perfect solution for them. A proven business model with the support of a corporate team that are experts in franchising and home care to help them every step of the way.

5. Any success stories that you can share with us?

We have multiple female owned and operated Synergy HomeCare franchisees. All of them are a success in their own ways. Toria D. has worked in the industry for years and now owns and operates our Sacramento, CA franchise. Lori W. and Vida J. in Tucson, Arizona are RN's who had no prior business experience and are now running a very successful franchise office. Kim K. was an accountant and finance director who is doing extremely well in Sioux City, Iowa. Andrea M., a former office manager, is growing strong in Conroe, Texas outside of Houston. Betsi B. who used to be a case management director for a Hospice facility, is expanding in Denver, Colorado.

6. What do you view as the most gratifying factor in owning a Synergy
Home Care franchise?

The ability to help others, I hear this most often from our franchise owners. Of course they appreciate the escape from the corporate world to become their own boss and dictate their own financial future.

The future, owning a Synergy Home Care franchise insures you will have the opportunity for business for the next 30 plus years. As the baby boomers come of age and start to require non-medical home care, Synergy Home Care will be there to help provide it.

The ability to pass the business down to your heirs, sell for profit or expand your operations. No matter what our franchisees decide to do, our corporate staff will be there every step of the way to help our franchisee's meet their ultimate goal in owning their business.

7. Any advice for women with an entrepreneurial gene out there?

I think all women with the entrepreneurial gene should all at minimum investigate a franchise concept that is right for them. There has never been a better time for women to enter into their own franchise. With the help and support of a corporate team behind them, they will have the confidence to own and operate their own business.

Many banks, organizations like the Small Business Administration (SBA), all have programs designed specifically for women to enter into the business world. I personally believe that women are great franchise owners, they are born multi-taskers and many women out there have experience providing non medical home care in one way or another either with their children, spouse, parent, friend or relative.

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