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MaryLee Bennett - CEO of Suspended In Time

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1. Tell us about the start of Suspended In Time, Inc.?

MaryLee Bennett has always been creative and an entrepreneur at heart.  Her creative nature naturally lead her to begin experimenting with flowers and developed a new and revolutionary process of drying and preserving floral memories, which eventually developed into her business which is called Suspended In Time ®. 

Suspended In Time ® began officially in 1997 and has spread from Utah then throughout the United States.  The original intention of the owner, MaryLee Bennett, was to provide in home businesses for mothers to earn an income and be home with their children.  This dream has flourished to include not only mothers who want to be at home, but other business’s like florists who want to add to there customer appeal and income.  There are currently 43 franchises throughout the US. 

2. What inspired you to start this business?

MaryLee was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and at a particularly low emotional point in the long chemotherapy treatment process; her husband bought her a gorgeous bouquet of peach-colored roses. As she looked at the roses, she felt wistful.  In a poignant moment, she didn’t want the roses to die.  She really wanted to somehow savor the tenderness of that moment but realized it was not really possible.  So she started working with the flowers to see how she could make them stay longer.  However, even though time couldn’t be preserved, she determined that the beautiful flowers which symbolized that special moment, could literally be “Suspended In Time ®”.  From this adversity MaryLee has overcome her cancer as well as built an expanding floral preservation business.

3.  How has Suspended in Time, Inc. evolved from where it started? 

Suspended In Time ® started out in MaryLee’s home.  After seeing the need of a friend who needed to be home with her children, MaryLee helped set them up in their own business.  From there it just grapevined through out Utah.  MaryLee moved the business out of her home due to the tremendous growth. Expansion in our business over the last decade has led to increased customer awareness and demand for our  Unique Flower Preservation. The corporate office is currently operating out of Orem, Utah. 

4.  What is the secret behind the success of Suspended in Time, Inc.?

There are several things that have made our business successful.
One of the things that have made us successful is our dealers. Suspended In Time ® looks for dealers who have a high regard for honesty and integrity, a commitment to provide excellent service and superior quality workmanship.  When our dealers are successful, we are successful.  And just as it grapevined in Utah as our dealers tell their friends and family about this great opportunity to own their own business, it is grapevining throughout the US.

Another reason that Suspended In Time ® is so successful is their unique and proprietary method and equipment renders your flowers looking more fresh and natural than any other method we know of.  This is NOT FREEZE-DRYING. Also the Suspended In Time ® method allows for fast turn-around time. To our knowledge, this is the only method available where flowers can be dried in 3 to 5 days. The Other methods can take from 8-12 weeks to process your flowers.   Because this method dries flowers so rapidly, they have little deterioration and better shape retention than other drying methods.  Pink roses are pink as the day they were picked.  Yellow daffodils look alive.  Carnations, lilies and roses are bright and colorful.  The end result is preserved flowers that look alive and natural. 

Suspended In Time ® has spent many years developing the processes, equipment and marketing aspects of the business, thus doing the ground work and providing a head start for their dealerships. We also continually provide ongoing support to our dealers. 

While this is not a turn-key business, we find that our dealers can be as busy as they want if they are willing to put the time and effort into developing their businesses. At our in- depth training, everything that a dealer needs to know to set up their own business is discussed and provided in a manual. 

5.  Let us talk about the Suspended in Time, Inc. business opportunity?  

If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own business and are interested in flowers, this is a business opportunity for a franchise dealership that you absolutely should investigate.  We are offering dealerships to anyone who is looking for new avenues of income. We are a Flower Preservation Company with a revolutionary new technique to back us. We will show you how to turn waste into profits.  Most business opportunities are labor-intensive or require a hard sell. Return on investment is, at best, a wish and a hope. Our machines operate virtually unattended and produce floral products which sell themselves either as your own decorative creation or a client’s sentimental keepsake.

With Suspended In Time’s® technology and success in floral preservation over the last ten years, we are expanding our business opportunities in your area. We offer an excellent dealership package which gives you the opportunity to start a business from your own home or store front with low risk and affordable start-up investment.

Our unique method and turn-around time really gives our dealerships an edge in the market.  There are several other things that also puts us a step above competitors from our proprietary sealing method to our custom encasement products that are made especially for us.  Once you make the decision to enter the Floral Preservation Business, there are a number of ways to get the word out. The product speaks for itself in its quality and beauty and people will want to talk about it.  We provide you the methods and marketing plans at training.  Training consists of  3, 10 hour days of training that includes all of the materials needed to finish 3 full encasements.  This also includes a step by step manual, product catalog and a large kit with most of the supplies you will need to start your own business.  On going support is provided and available daily during business hours for as long as you need it

Here Are Some Key Points to Remember: Minimal up-front costs, Excellent Training, On-Going Support, Minimal Inventory Requirements, Profitable non-floral markets can be tapped, Low energy consumption, turn waste into profit.

For more information on this rewarding Business Opportunity, visit or call the Corporate office at 801-227-0075.

6. Do you believe that yours is a good opportunity for women?

This is a wonderful opportunity for women because you can be a Mom and still contribute an income around your schedule.  You can go to the recitals and the doctor appointments and set this business up so that it fits with your life and your needs.  Also because the costs for this business opportunity is substantially less than other franchises, almost anyone can take advantage of this rewarding business.

7. In your opinion what is the greatest thing about Suspended in Time, Inc.?

Having the opportunity to be your own boss and owning your own business is definitely one of the best things about Suspended In Time ®.  This business is so rewarding because you get to work with so many different people, from brides who want their bouquet eternalized to widows who appreciate the lasting memory flowers can provide of a special memorial service. The most gratifying part of the business is seeing the customer so appreciative and happy about the finished product. Whether you’re interested in a home based business opportunity or want to add a franchise to your storefront, this is a great opportunity.

8. Do you think women can have it all?

Yes! Absolutely!  Working and being a mother is always a balancing act.  This just makes it a little easier by being able to work from your home and around your schedule.

9. Your advice to our mom entrepreneurs?

Set goals and then decide what it will take to reach or meet those goals.  Then DO IT!   

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