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Sharon Borovetz - CEO of Morgan Dane Designs

1. How did it all begin?

It was kind of a fluke. The company I was working for announced it was going to be downsizing, so I started looking for something else. I found an ad that simply asked "Love Sterling? Call this number." Well, I do, so I did. I signed up, paid my money and got scammed. I had made a huge investment and had nothing to show for it. But it planted a seed in my head about starting my own company. I started designing and selling my jewelry in salons. Soon ladies were asking me to do home shows. At my very first home show, one of the guests asked if she could become a consultant for me and it all sort of grew from there. I had to work out lots of details, but it soon became Morgan Dane Designs. The irony of the whole thing was that my job was not one of the ones lost to downsizing, so I continued to do both for a while. Finally I had to make a decision, and I chose my own company.

2. Let's talk about your business opportunity.

Morgan Dane is simple and straightforward. We offer generous consultant benefits and low start up costs compared to other sterling silver jewelry party plan companies. We are still a ground floor opportunity and our incentives and levels are very attainable. It's very easy to get started. We are growing very fast right now. In the future, I believe Morgan Dane is going to be a well-known entity.

3. Is it fulltime?

It's what each individual consultant wants it to be. It can be a few hours a month, or many hours a day. It can change from month to month or season to season depending on each consultant's schedule. If you're asking if it can replace a full time job's salary and benefits, the answer is yes.

4. Do you see Morgan Dane as a great business opportunity for moms?

I see Morgan Dane as a perfect business opportunity for moms. Many of our consultants are stay at home moms. Morgan Dane offers moms several of the things they are looking for when they stay home with their kids; extra income, beautiful sterling silver jewelry, time away from the kids, evenings out with the girls, grown up conversation.

5. How rewarding is it?

It's rewarding in many ways. It gives women "me time." But I think your asking about how financially rewarding it can be. It depends on what each woman puts into it. We offer our consultants 30% of all their sales. They can sell in a home or office party setting, to individuals and also online through their own Morgan Dane web pages. In addition, consultants earn override commissions of 5-10% of their team's retail sales. And starting in the new year, we will begin offering cash incentives for reaching leadership levels. In addition, our consultants are able to earn free jewelry and supplies through contests.

6. Do you believe that women can have it all?

I do believe that women can have it all. I think that each woman has to define for herself exactly what having it all means. We can't just make a blanket statement for all women. To me it means that I can have a successful and rewarding career while being home and available for my family and being able to set my own schedule and determine how much time and energy I can devote to my business each day.

7. What is a good formula for success?

There's no magic formula. Lots of companies promise the moon. They get your start up money and never deliver on their promises. You have to set goals and work toward them. Success is another one of those things that each woman has to define for herself. For some it may be a few extra dollars each month. For others, it's going to mean growing a business as big and as quickly as possible. One of the great things about this opportunity is that it never really feels like work. I hear all the time from my consultants that it's more fun than they've ever had working before. With that said, there definitely is some work involved and nobody should expect everything to fall into place for them with out putting some thought and effort into their business.

8. Your advice to our mompreneurs ...

First of all find something you are passionate about. Then once you start a home based business, treat it like a business. Don't expect something for nothing. Always keep your goals in mind and your priorities straight and you can achieve your dreams.

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