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Cyndi Chambers - CEO of Pitterpats

To learn more about the Pitterpats Business Opportunity please click here

1. How did you first come up with the concept for

It was with the birth of my daughter in 1991 when I began to look seriously at home based business options. I had always worked in sales and marketing with large companies and it was time for me to bring my strengths and talents into my own business. I took an art class at the city college and through a series of events (and being a new mom) I was naturally drawn to the whole concept of clay and making little impressions of my daughter’s hands and feet. There are indeed hand impression kits in the market as well as businesses that make children’s impressions. I wanted to improve upon the process that would really capture the tiny lines and wrinkles in the baby’s hands and feet. Pitterpats is not a do it yourself kit or a mold or a plaster of paris type material. Pitterpats is a kiln fired clay with a colored gloss finish. I believe what sets Pitterpats apart is the quality of the product and most definitely the marketing.

2. What do parents say about Pitterpats?

They absolutely love it! I have customers that drive 3 hours to get their children’s Pitterpats. Probably the most touching sentiment is through the cards and letters that I have received over the years; although it’s pretty endearing when a daddy picks up the Pitterpat of himself and his newborn son’s hand and gets teary eyed at the door. That happened several years ago and I’ll probably never forget it; how precious! I do realize how very much Pitterpats is appreciated and never take for granted this amazing gift to be able to touch so many lives. The precious memory of a Pitterpat impression touches hearts. It’s an emotional thing. It’s like a treasured picture or a video recording of baby’s first steps. What a blessing!

3. Tell us more about the Pitterpats Business Opportunity:

Pitterpats offers a 3 day training session in California for those who wish to purchase the Pitterpats Business Opportunity. At the completion of the training course, the purchaser is well on their way to a successful Pitterpats business, from the clay and tools to our award winning marketing plan. The training process is comprehensive and hands on which means that the participant will learn all the different steps involved as well as completing several Pitterpat impressions to take home! Pitterpats is not a franchise but rather a business opportunity with a single license fee of $8,000.00. There are no royalty fees involved or quotas to meet. Pitterpats is a registered trademark with the Patent Trademark Office and passes that protection onto you as purchaser. I love to share about Pitterpats and all that we have to offer anyone who is interested or just has questions. I can always be reached through one of our websites and would invite a conference call at your convenience.

4. What more do you offer in terms of support?

We offer every purchaser our fun, unique and successful marketing plan which is indeed, the very backbone of the Pitterpats business. As I developed this business, along with the plan in 1991, it has flourished and exceeded my initial dream, which is very exciting! My marketing background, my eight years experience with a major advertising agency in Santa Barbara, CA., and most important, my passion for what I do allows me to share the very best marketing for this business. There are several ways to market your Pitterpats business without spending very much money or in some cases, any at all! In fact, some of the very best advertising investments I have made have been a little of my time. After the initial training I am available by email or telephone. You may have questions in the beginning of your business operation and I am eager to hear from you!

5. What is the most important lesson that you have learned?

That this business is the Lord’s! I truly thank Him for Pitterpats and believe that He has been with me and my family in every step of the business guiding our success. When the Lord puts a desire in your heart and you have asked Him for wisdom and guidance, He will open doors for you that you never could have opened on your own. God continues to lead the right people to this business and He is the one that has helped Pitterpats become the success story that continues to be written; for His glory.

6. Do you believe that women can have it all?

It’s an interesting question. I personally believe that you absolutely and most definitely already have it all when you are at peace and in the Lord’s will for your life. It’s funny, “having it all” probably means different things to different people. To me, it means having my relationship with the Lord, being with my precious husband and children, loving those around me and
receiving love in return, and having the amazing opportunity to share what I love to do so much with so many. That is having it all!

7. Why would Pitterpats be a great opportunity for moms?

Because Pitterpats is FUN! We are moms meeting with moms to create a beautiful timeless memory. There is so much joy surrounded by what we do. We are indeed a success story. Some of the great benefits include: home based, low overhead with high profit margin, 16 year success rate with owners all across the U.S., registered trademark with the Patent and Trademark Office, you will receive over 200 pounds of clay, supplied tools, additional supplies and professional printed marketing pieces, training manuals and CD. Your support does not end after the training. I take your decision to choose Pitterpats very seriously and am available for your calls or email. I invite you to keep in touch! It is a great honor for me to share with you all that I have learned.

8. Your advice to mompreneurs?

Be happy! Dream Big and ask a lot of questions! Keep your priorities straight and ask God for direction. Your success is very important to the Lord and He knows what is best for you. “For I know the plans I have for (your name), declares the Lord, plans to prosper her and not to harm her, plans to give her a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

To learn more about the Pitterpats Business Opportunity please click here

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