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Lisa Huntington-Kinn - President and Founder of Open House with Style

To learn more about the Open House with Style Franchising Opportunity please click here

1. Tell us about the start of Open House with Style:
I used to own a mortgage company, and had a Realtor that I was working with who was having problems getting traffic for some properties she had on the market. We had participated in many networking type meetings and events throughout the years to promote our businesses, and thought, what if we had one of those events in one of her listings? We chose to do our first event in a listing she had done a traditional open house in 2 weeks prior, at which not one person showed up. At our event, we had 20 people show up and go the property rented. At this point, we knew we had something!

2. What inspired you to start this business?
I have always been an entreupeneur, and have been in businesses that focus on customer service and helping everyone create a win/win situation.

3. What is the Open House with Style franchising opportunity all about?
This opportunity is for someone who loves helping others succeed in their businesses. Out tag line is “Succeeding by helping others succeed”. It is all about relationship with our clients, and making sure that when they do business with us, they wan’t to keep doing business with us!

4. Describe your ideal franchisee.
The ideal franchisee understands the value of relationship in business—that it is easier to keep a customer than to find a new one. They must have a lot of energy, be able to multi-task, are not afraid of the telephone, love to network, highly organized, and are, along with being a self starter, also a good team player. They must also be personally involved in the business—the majority of what they will be doing cannot be hired out since it is so much about the relationships.

5. What kind of training do you offer your franchisees?
We offer a 4 day training session in Denver, as well as continued training and support as needed.

6. Do you believe that women can have it all? Yes!
The key is to prioritize and set boundaries for ourselves. I believe that a woman can make good money, be a great mother and a great wife, but in order to do so, she must be in tune with the needs of her family (without enabling) and organized and in tune with the needs of her business. It helps to be able to work from home, which OHWS Franchising provides.

7. What is the most rewarding part of being part of Open House with Style?
Seeing people do well with their businesses, whether it is the Real estate professional or the small business owners who are participating. The money for the work isn’t too bad either!

8. Do you think Open House with Style is a great opportunity for women?
Absolutely! It centers around what we do best - nurturing, multi-tasking, and getting satisfaction from knowing that we helped others. And you get paid to do it!

9. Your advice to our mom entrepreneurs?
As I said above - prioritize, and set healthy boundaries. Also, anything worth having does not always come easily - people who are making great money did not get there by sitting around doing nothing. Work hard - however if you are doing something you love, it won’t seem like work!

To learn more about theOpen House with Style Franchising Opportunity please click here

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