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Deneane Maldonado - President of Nanny Poppinz

To learn more about the Nanny Poppinz Franchising Opportunity please click here

1. What is unique about Nanny Poppinz?

It's a business where a mom can still be intimately involved in her children's lives while also achieving the American dream of owning her own business. Nanny Poppinz is the only business where a woman can have the best of both worlds. Moms no longer have to choose between family and career.

2. Tell us about the beginnings of Nanny Poppinz...

Nanny Poppinz began as a solution to the problem of becoming a mother but not wanting to leave the home to pursue a career. I created this solution so that I could be home with the children I planned to have and still pursue a career as a small business owner. The business also had an appeal because I was helping others: helping families find a solution to their childcare needs and helping women looking for gainful employment with children find meaningful employment.

3. How do you screen your recruits and offer your customers peace of mind?

We utilize a company that Susan McCloskey, co-owner of Nanny Poppinz Corporate, a former Federal agent, used when she was an agent. The fact that this company has the same database source that Ms. McCloskey utilized as a Federal agent brings Nanny Poppinz Corporate and our families a huge sense of comfort and relief. Nanny Poppinz does an extensive background check including personally meeting each and every prospective nanny applicant. We complete a National Criminal History check that includes a Sexual Offender database check. For positions that require driving, Nanny Poppinz completes a driver's license check. Most importantly, we also speak with the prospective nannies' previous employers asking detailed questions concerning their performance. We do everything in our power to ensure the safety of each family's children. We would not send a Nanny into a family's home that we would not put with our own children.

4. What in your idea does it take to be a Nanny Poppinz franchisee?

An excellent Nanny Poppinz franchisee will be a self-starter, good communicator, good listener, someone who is organized and a great people person.

5. Do you believe that women can have it all?

Absolutely, as a Nanny Poppinz franchisee. Nanny Poppinz is a business that solves families' childcare problems. We can run this business from the comfort of our homes in a flexible manner so that we can be there for all the demands of our families. Because of E-Nanny FinderT, our proprietary software is web-based, we can run the business from anywhere at anytime. Nanny Poppinz has devised a system to accommodate the needs of running a business with the needs of the family.

6. Why would Nanny Poppinz be a great franchising opportunity for moms?

Nanny Poppinz' franchise slogan says it all, "Where You Can Have the Best of Both Worlds." We ask our franchisees to put in a 35-40 hour work week but we don't stipulate when these hours need to be worked. Moms can work around their little one's soccer game schedule or doctor's appointments. We want our franchisees to be able to enjoy motherhood and what it means while fulfilling their needs to contribute to the financial success of their families.

7. What is a good formula for success?

Your drive + our proven business method and support = your success.

8. Any advice for our mompreneurs?

Don't miss the things that seem so little, relish in motherhood without losing yourself, we don't get the chance to do this over again.

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