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Kathleen Schmidt - CEO Z Your Dream

1. Let us talk about the Zurvita Business Opportunity?

My company is new, different, and brings hope to people who want something that they can truly win at every level. The president and his wife earned over a million dollars a year with another company and decided to create something new. I'm proud to be part of the founding group. We have a support system in place that is equal to that of a ten year old company and we are aligned with an established parent company that has over 4 billion in assets. How often in life do you get to be on the Ground Floor of a multi - million dollar company?

2. What inspired you to start this business?

I took a leap of faith because I wanted something that was fresh and didn't break the bank to start. It is a simple business, we provide Cutting Edge Products and the rewards are great for anyone who wants it and is willing to work. We have an amazing team of people that train, support and encourage everyone to win.

3. (If you are a mom) how do you cope career and kids?

As a stay home mom, it was very important to me to find a business that works well with my crazy schedule. You see, both my young boys have Type 1 Diabetes, my oldest also has ADHD. So I needed a business that was flexible, didn't take a lot of my time and money to run, and is profitable.

4. Do you believe that women can have it all?

When a woman can balance her family, personal time and her business, then yes, she can have it all. We should never forget the "why" we began a business or chose a career. If one wants more time with her family, wants a better future for her children and wants to create a life of financial freedom, then keeping her life in balance will bring great rewards. I'm not saying it will be easy, there are struggles along the way. But as long as we are willing to remember our "why", we will not fail.

5. In your opinion what is the greatest thing about Zurvita?

It is the foundation of our business, you see, the founders of our company have a Strong Vision based on Three Key Principles:

First: To operate with integrity and to honor the Higher Power.
Second: To raise up humble leadership!
Third: A company where everyone wins at every level.

6. Do you think Zurvita is a great opportunity for women?

Absolutely! The compensation plan alone speaks for itself. For moms with busy schedules, they can work their business from their phone and computer and truly build a legacy for themselves and their families. No matter what background they have, we are willing to train. We have the best teachers in the country and are affiliated with people who started off with barely over $2 to their name, but are now multi-millionaires. Whether your dream is for great riches or just a few extra bucks for the month, we can help you achieve that dream.

7. Your advice to our mom entrepreneurs?

Find your passion, find something you can truly believe in. Test drive the product first if you wish, see if is something you would personally endorse. Then get plugged into all the training you can get your hands on. Be willing to learn, to be taught, to listen.

"Whatever the mind of man (woman) can conceive and believe it can achieve." ~Napoleon Hill

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