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David T. Banfield - President - Interface Financial Group

1. How did Interface Financial Group first come about?

Interface acme into being over 35 years ago when company founder John Sheehy recognized a void in the market for consistent small business funding. The main providers of corporate funding, the ‘banks’, seemed very reluctant to provide short term working capital for small, one and two year old businesses. It was that market void that Interface set out to fill.

2. What are the services offered by Interface Financial Group?

Interface fills the void by providing a service known as ‘invoice discounting’. We work with companies to accelerate their cash flow. Once a company has issued an invoice for their goods or services they invariably have to wait 4, 5 or even 6 weeks to get paid. Interface takes the waiting out of the transaction. Once the invoice is completed Interface buys the invoice at a small discount thus providing immediate cash for the client company - no more waiting time!

3. What sets Interface Financial Group apart from its competitors?

There are very few companies that actually compete with Interface head-on. There are some that provide a slightly different service in the same financial service area but no direct competition in the small business market place.

4. Why is Interface Financial a good franchise opportunity?

For individuals looking for a business where they can employ their capital rather than be employed themselves it represents a great opportunity. It is home based with limited time requirements and all franchisees work in a professional business to business environment.

5. Do you think this is a good franchise opportunity for moms?

Moms are people too! For moms that have acquired a good business background and are looking for an opportunity to be part of the ever growing financial service market place, Interface is a great vehicle to achieve that. Interface also has a Women’s Group within the franchise that caters to the needs and specific aspects of women working in the financial service sector.

6. What kind of training and support do you offer your franchisees?

The initial training to get started is intensive and in-depth. But is doesn’t end there. The Interface Senior Management Team works with every franchisee on every transaction that they review for the life of the franchise - 10 years. There is very extensive ongoing support and training including a once a year annual meeting when all franchisees and the franchisor can get together and network and socialize face to face.

7. What is your advice to mom entrepreneurs?

If you have a dream, seize the moment and go with it!
With the economy in a difficult period it might be thought that this is not the right time to be starting a business. Interface is different. At times such as these there is a great need for our service and a greater opportunity to work with our referral sources that send us the business. Did I mention that Interface obtains the majority of their busienss by way of referral? We are not out on the street cold calling or advertising. We work in a professional environment where networking plays a significant role in developing a successful business.

8. What is unique about your franchise opportunity?

It’s all about putting capital to work and not about putting people to work.

9. What is Interface Financial Group's philosophy on small businesses?

Very simple - we are here to support and encourage small business. And as they say we put our money where our words are because Interface franchisees actually provide short term working capital to help small busienss grow, and grow rapidly. Interface is the largest alternative funder for small business in North America.

10. In your opinion, what role do small businesses play in the economy?

Small business is the backbone of the economy, they provide more jobs and more increases in the national and local tax base than any other business sector. Interface, by providing funding for small busienss is part of that job creation situation. Small businesses with a healthy cash flow will grow and Interface will be a part of that growth.

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