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Linda Hentges-Nyman - COO of First Choice Business Brokers

To learn more about the First Choice Business Brokers Franchising Opportunity
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1. Tell us about the beginning of First Choice
Business Brokers?

My husband I started FCBB in 1994 in a small 8 x 10 executive suite. Since I had a strong background working with start up businesses and finance business brokerage seemed an ideal business and quite honestly one of the most interesting business I had ever been exposed to. Which by the way, my opinion of the business hasn’t changed, it has remained interesting exciting, even after 15 years.

2. What is the First Choice Business Brokers franchising opportunity all about?

First Choice Brokers Business is helping local business owners of small to medium sized businesses sell their business, by matching sellers with buyers. For example, we consider our “bread and butter” sales to be of Pizza Restaurants, Beauty Salons, Print Shops, Mail Box Stores and small manufacturers. We offer the opportunity to own a business brokerage firm allowing entrepreneurs to build a business that does not rely solely on US economy.

Franchisees aren’t buying themselves a job they are building an asset for their future. Unlike other consulting based franchises First Choices’ model is to grow your business to where it is not strictly dependent on you as the owner. Our goal is to help franchisees bring on business sales associates with our proven recruiting and training methods allowing franchisees to grow their business exponentially as quickly as they wish. Some franchisees start out hiring several associates to grow with them from the start. We feel strongly about recommending this because it has worked so well for us.

3. Describe your ideal franchisee.

Our ideal franchisee is confident in their abilities and open minded to applying principles that are available to them through our proven methods. Our best franchisees take what is given to them in training and apply it. Those that seem to take easily to business brokerage come from professional backgrounds. Higher education not a requirement but can be helpful. Ex-business owners, those who have held sales and/or management positions, Real Estate Sales Associates or Mortgage Loan Consultants seem a good match for our profession.

4. What kind of training do you offer your franchisees?

Our training is very comprehensive covering the business from the fundamentals to advanced techniques. Our five day induction training course takes a franchisee through every step of the business from how to find business owners who want to sell, how to value a business, marketing a business confidentially, building a team of associates, running an office and even hands on training for the administration process.

And that is just the start. The real “on the job” training comes from having one on one weekly coaching calls from experts in the company, and the support we offer once a franchisee gets home and is setting up their office.

Each week franchisees join a conference call with other franchisees for a "boardroom style" discussion group to discuss any special topics or interesting experiences. We find that franchisees can often share an experience with another that is very helpful whether it is how to deal with licensing or a specific situation on a business for sale.

In addition we have on going webinars to cover the administrative side of the business. The main purpose of this ongoing training for staff is to make sure that administrative staff is kept up to speed on our propriety office management systems. In addition we don’t want franchise owners to be held “hostage” by an employee. We offer easy on line training for administrative staff.

As you can see - no stone is left unturned when it comes to training and support.

5. Do you believe that women can have it all?

Absolutely and when it comes to business brokerage I personally feel that woman not only excel in this industry but can also have an advantage. One can say that business is business but when it comes to small to medium size business owners it is very personal. Many owners have sacrificed sacred family time to create a successful business so when it comes time to sell, enter the business broker, the business brokers needs to remember they are not selling a widget they are selling something that the owner may be very emotionally tied to, some even refer to their business as their “baby”.

6. In your opinion what is the greatest thing about First Choice Business Brokers?

First Choice Business Brokers affords the opportunity to build a business that is not completely dependent upon you as an individual working it. Franchisees are building a business, they building an asset; they are building their future and an exit strategy when it comes time to retire. As an industry business brokerage is in its infancy so becoming part of the First Choice Business Broker family is a ground floor opportunity in a very exciting, dynamic industry. If you like businesses and wonder how they “tick” this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

7. What qualities do you look for in a potential franchisee?

Honesty and integrity come to mind immediately, but go to our website ( in the "About Us" section and read "Our Values" that will give you an immediate indication of the type of people we are, and are looking for. The business community in any given area can often feel like a very small community. A business broker has the ability to do a good portion of their business off referrals so their business and reputation are at stake with every sale. It is important that they have a strong work ethic, financial resources and a personality in general. People want to deal with someone they can talk to and trust.

8. Your advice to women venturing out into business?

Know in your heart you can do it! Don’t compare yourselves with others. Measure yourself by your own skills and talents. Do it “your way”. Also, take advantage of government programs specifically designed for woman owned businesses. The dynamics in the business world are changing, learn and grow with those changes, the world is your oyster. Also, remember the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary. Be ready to focus on your goals and create a path to reach them.

To learn more about the First Choice Business Brokers Franchising Opportunity
please click here

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