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Joe Keeley - CEO of College Nannies

1. What inspired College Nannies?

College Nannies & Tutors was founded in 2001 after being a nanny ("Manny") myself for two boys and a little girl in Edina, MN. During my first summer as a college nanny, I saw that I was being much more than a babysitter, but rather an "Active Role Model" for the children. I recognized a need for a unique and specialized service that connected working parents to safe and reliable nannies & tutors. I found these nannies & tutors in current college students, recent college graduates and certified teachers looking to make a positive difference through their jobs working with children and adolescence.

2. What do parents say about College Nannies?

Over the years parents have had many positive things to say about College Nannies & Tutors. Some of their testimonials include:

John, Father in St. Paul, MN - "Very pleased at how quickly College Nannies was able to asses our needs and find such a qualified nanny for my children. People ask me all the time how I was so lucky to find such a great nanny."

Jody & Nick, Parents in Edina, MN - "Our nanny is perfect! The process was so simple and easy."

Lynn & David, St. Paul - "Our nanny is terrific. Our nanny is doing a fantastic job playing with my kids. They are so engaged with the daily activities she brings. We appreciated College Nannies' responsiveness to our schedule and willingness to work with our needs."

Bobette & Mark, Parents in Plymouth, MN - "My nanny is such a great role model for my two boys. Our nanny is a great match!"

Ruth & Jay, Parents in St. Paul, MN - "Our nanny is always aware and focused on my children's safety and well being which is very reassuring to me."

Ellen, Mother of Jr. High School Student- "Thank you so much for the progress report for our son. I do have to say that our College Tutors truly brought out the best in our son because she exudes the very same work ethic that she sees in him. You College Tutor also is prompt, joyful, knowledgeable and above all patient and encouraging. In a nutshell, College Nannies & Tutors has been a blessing to us this year. We knew our son had the ability to succeed in him and College Nannies & Tutors found it and made it flourish.

3. Do you think this is a great franchising opportunity for moms?

Yes. We are 70% women/mother owned. College Nannies & Tutors is about building stronger families, so who better to relate to moms in need than other moms?

4. What kind of training and support do you offer your franchisees?

Training and support are the cornerstone of College Nannies & Tutors. We provide extensive manuals and support in a pre-training process. Then franchisees spend a week in our Minneapolis training facility learning the necessary systems, processes, technology, sales, marketing and management methods necessary to operate their College Nannies & Tutors franchise. This intense, all-inclusive program will give owners the motivation, comfort level and confidence necessary to open their location.

Some items covered in our initial training process include:

  • Business Planning
  • Technology Training
  • Staff Recruitment & Selection
  • Staff Screening, Training & Retention
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Finance & Accounting Essentials
  • Business Operations & Management

5. Can you tell us of a model mom who is one of your franchisees?

We have many. One such example is Laura Davis from our Edina, MN location. Laura is a former marketing executive that was looking for something different in her career. She wanted a challenge and a venue to be creative but she also didn't want her career to be at the expense of her two young children. She chose College Nannies & Tutors and has become very successful as a mom and business owner.

6. How successful is your business today?

We are very happy with the success of College Nannies & Tutors. We are the largest nanny company in the United States, one of the only ones that legally employs nannies and continue to strive to meld education and childcare together to provide a better experience for all stakeholders involved.

7. What kind of qualities do you look for in a potential franchisee?

We are looking for those that want to "do well while doing good". We are about building stronger families so we expect that our owners want to impact the community in a positive way, but we also are looking for owners that want to run a successful business.

8. Is it a lot of hard work?

Yes, running a small business is very hard work.

9. Your advice to women who are pursuing a career in franchising?

Find something that you will be passionate about. Consider the company that you are investing in - will they be around tomorrow? Are they trendsetters? Are they ethical? Will they make good business partners?

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