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Margaret J. Carr - CEO of Pee Wee Workout

1. Let's talk about the Pee Wee workout...

Cardiac Carr Company was incorporated in 1986. Pee Wee Workout was introduced in 1987 with a mission 'To Reach and Educate Children About the Benefits of Healthy Living'. Pee Wee Workout is offered at day schools, recreation departments, fitness clubs, church organizations, any place where children gather. The 30 minute program for preschoolers is set to original music and takes the children through all components of a fitness class: Warm up, moderate activity, high energy activity, muscular strength and endurance, cardio cool down and relaxation. The music and routines are very upbeat, age appropriate, child and parent friendly and FUN! Class concludes with a lesson on learning muscles, a visit to "Planet Nutrient" (a felt puppet nutrition program) and the importance of rest and relaxation. The class has the simple mission:

That it's important to find an exercise that you enjoy and participate in it as often as possible. That exercise may change over time. For example one may enjoy riding a tricycle now but may enjoy jogging or swimming too. That it's important to make healthy food choices and if you are not sure what's healthy, do some research. That it's important to take time to rest, relax and reflect. Society is too wound up, online and hectic. That it's important to practice the Golden Rule of being kind to others and yourself. This is a good plan for grown ups too! As stated, Pee Wee Workout reaches the preschoolers. Cardiac Carr Kids is the grade school program that can be offered as large school assemblies, after school programming and at scout troops and church groups.

2. What is the fitness market for kids like?

With children's fitness levels continuing to decline, the market is wide open to facilities who are concerned about this. The program can also reach grown ups who are around the children and hear what we are teaching. People need to be active participants in today's world to take that step of being active and to find out what ingredients are in food especially snacks for children.

3. Are your franchisees mostly women?


4. What are your own experiences as a woman in business?

Being that this is a women dominated field, it's been easy to be in the market. Being a mother and understanding the day to day challenges of parenting has been a priceless advantage.

5. What motivates you?

Seeing children who by no fault of their own are unfit or consuming unhealthy food. If Pee Wee Workout can be a part of their lives or reach parents with an inter-generational class, that would be great. My first Pee Wee students have graduated from college and they say "I remember Pee Wee Workout! You came to my daycare. It was so much fun!" To have someone who is 23 years old remember a class they had when they were age 4 is special. I also have multiple sclerosis. I would not be able to be as active as I am at age 51, if I did not practice a healthy lifestyle. I want children and adults to know that no matter what you are dealt in life, you are able to better handle it if you take care of yourself.

6. What qualities do you look for in a franchisee?

It's easier for someone who knows children to teach them fitness than to teach a fitness professional how to work with children. PTA moms are great. They're bunker moms. They work in the trenches and understand how to control the crowd and get the job done. I've also worked with people who are accountants, educators, nurses, going back to college women. Moms who are very concerned about children's health get involved with Pee Wee because they want to do something about it.

7. Why do you believe Pee Wee is a great opportunity for moms?

All of the above!

8. What kind of support do you offer your franchisees?

We've produced 11 instructional videos, hundreds of routines, original music, handouts, marketing etc. We're just a click away with email or toll free line.

9. Your advice to moms who want to be their own boss?

Organization. Chunk up your goals because as a mother, you are constantly interrupted. But of course that's what makes moms special... multi tasking capabilities. Time outs for moms for RnR is essential. If you have a dream of something that keeps nagging you to do it, follow your heart. But surround yourself with good talent to delegate details that you don't need to do. Family support is vital and don't go for pie in the sky. Keep yourself humble.

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