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Sean Meehan - President of Blue Lens Franchising

1. What is the BlueLens franchising opportunity all about?

BlueLens Franchise Group is a business developed to ride the enormously successful wave of the internet; specifically email and search marketing.

For the last seven years our parent company eWay Direct has been a leader in the online services marketplace. Working with various retailers, catalogers, non-profits, ad agencies, consultants, etc perfecting our products and services surrounding email and search marketing.

The BlueLens franchise model splits responsibilities for maximum efficiencies, and success. Franchisees provide the sales and high level account development – we provide the detail client work, training and technical infrastructure to execute successful email and search marketing campaigns and programs.

Both the email and search marketing industries are projected for billion dollar growth over the next decade so we believe this is still a ground floor opportunity!

2. Describe your ideal franchisee.

I don’t believe there is an ideal franchisee. If you seek out people that fit into select criteria you will only speak with those types. This practice will essentially eliminate a huge amount of potential franchisees. At BlueLens we advertise in a varied cross section of media; giving us great opportunities to meet and discuss this franchise. We believe it gives us the greatest possibility of reaching potential franchisees with diverse skill sets, and backgrounds.

3. Is this a great opportunity for women?

With out question this is a great opportunity for women! In fact it is a great opportunity for anyone who is strong at sales and developing relationships and wants to own a business in the online world. Back to your question – whether that women is continuing her business career, and believes it is time to own her own franchise – or the stay at home mom who is looking to head back into the work force but wants flexibility – this is perfect!

4. What kind of support do you offer?

If you are currently researching franchise opportunities or have in the past I think you will agree that every franchise company states they offer the greatest support imaginable. Well, we are no different! We realized during the planning and development of this new franchise concept that franchise support would be a key ingredient for franchisee support.

Our franchise support model is accessible on many levels – below are some examples -

  • We support the franchisee with training and education so that essentially they become email and search experts.
  • We support the franchisee by providing leads in each assigned territory.
  • We support the franchisee by assisting the franchisee and attending meetings with prospective clients.
  • We support the franchisee by becoming their back office technology team, and client services team so that they can establish, and run a successful business as a 1 –person team.

5. What do your current franchisees say about being a part of Blue Lens?

Our parent company eWay Direct has been in business since 2000. We launched the BlueLens business October 1st 2007, while we are in discussions with many qualified BlueLens Franchisees we have not sold one yet. We are focused on working with franchisees prospects that will be successful over the long haul – not just accepting the first five people who may have the capital reserves to move forward quickly.

6. Can you tell us the investment for a Blue Lens franchise?

Our franchise fee is $30,000.

7. What in your opinion does it take to make it in franchising?

I look at this question from two different views – first from the franchisor perspective, and then second as someone who is buying a franchise.

When we started the process of building a franchise model we were told that there are two types of franchisors – those that excel at selling franchises, but can’t support them. Then those who have difficulties selling, but have world class support. From my standpoint a successful franchisor must build both their franchise sales, and support infrastructure equally. This balance of strong sales and great support are the building blocks for future franchisor success.

To be a successful franchisee, a person must do one thing – find the business model that you trust and believe in 100%. The role of a franchisee is to follow the model that the franchisor has developed, and perfected. If you do not believe in that business model you will question operational practices, and not be happy or successful.

8. Your advice to our bizymoms ...

Don't be afraid to put yourself into situations that are out of your comfort zones. You might surprise yourself at how relaxed you actually become! And call me about BlueLens. This could be a perfect franchise for you!

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