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Interview with Sandy Stein - President Alexx Inc.

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1. How did such an interesting concept such as Finder's Key Purse come about?

My husband was losing his job, and after 911, my flight attendant job was "iffy" at best. We were both in our fifties with a 10 year old son, so I needed to find a way to be able to provide for our son. I went to bed, and prayed to my Dad in heaven, and asked him what should I do? I actually heard my Dad tell me to bend up a piece of metal with a design on it, add a clasp for keys, and a new business would be born. Finders Key Purse® REALLY came from my dream!

2. In your opinion what is the greatest thing about Finder's Key Purse?

Finders Key Purse® makes life simpler, by allowing one to find their keys in their purse in a moment's notice. Not only is it an adorable item, but it is utilitarian, and not expensive.

3. (If you are a mom) How do you cope with career and kids?

Because I can make my own hours, I can go to football games, help with school events, and take time off when my son is ill. Sometimes the stress of being needed in two places at the same time is tough to take, but ultimately, it always seems to work out. Alex, my son, has high hopes of one day working at Alexx, Inc. on a permanent basis. Of course, at 13,he has really no specific plans other than to get through school.

4. Do you believe that women can have it all?

No---I think women can have most of it, but there are always sacrifices one has to make and Plan"B"s that need to be substituted for the original Plan "A"s.

5. Let us talk about your business opportunity.

Our business is extremely unique, and has been called a "HYBRID" of network marketing. Finders Key Purse® is mostly sold on a retail level, and in every type retail there are opportunities for sales. Finders Key Purse® can be found at Hallmark Stores, beauty salons, car washes, clothing stores, and even the Ronald Reagan Library. One call sell Finders Key Purse® basically anywhere and reap a nice commission without having to warehouse any product. There is also a BONUS commission that is available, as well as the opportunity to buy product at wholesale.

6. Are most of your agents women and if so why?

Yes, most of our reps are women, because Finders Key Purse® is a woman's item, that so many women got excited about. It is so much easier to sell something when you actually use it and think that it is great.

7. What kind of support do you offer your agents?

Because we are not a MLM, we do not offer training or seminars. We do provide a "Welcome Packet" that explains how to make sales into retail, as well as a "Biz In A Bag" that contains everything one needs to start a business based on selling Finders Key Purse®. Once an account is established, we send new catalogs to all the customers making sure they are aware of new product.

8. Any words of wisdom for women wanting to be their own boss?

Being my own boss is the most wonderful, exhilarating experience that I have ever experienced. The hard part for me is maintaining a distance between friendship with my employees, and being able to be the boss who can tell them as an employee that things are not going exactly right. I always said that if I were a boss, I would do things a certain way. I have tried to actually do that but sometimes it is not quite as easy as I would have thought. With the freedom of being the “BOSS” comes the tremendous responsibility of being the “BOSS”. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “You must do the things you think you cannot do,” when you want to be the boss.

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