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Paula Kay - CEO of Ageless Checkers

1. What is the home care market in the US like?

When I started my company in 1992, the home care market was an excellent source of assistance for elderly people and their families, especially the non-medical kind that didn't require trained or certified helpers, but rather people who could assist with daily chores. Since then it has grown tremendously. The need has dramatically increased because we are living longer, healthier lives and want to remain living in our own homes for as long as possible.

2. Tell us about your business opportunity, Ageless Checkers.

Ageless Checkers is an agency that I created to provide a twenty minute visit to "check on" a senior who was living alone. For example, we would monitor medication, remove trash, bring in the mail/newspaper, make sure food products had not expired, etc. Also, we could stay longer and also offer light housekeeping, meal preparation, shopping and transportation, companionship, and other services. Our niche is that we recruited older workers to provide these services.

3. Is yours a great opportunity for women?

The business package that I am offering is a great opportunity because it has been proven many times over that it is successful. There is a huge need for this type of service, it is very profitable and moreover, it is a "feel good" business because you are doing a good thing...providing help so elderly folks can remain living at home and you are also providing jobs and income for active retirees. Older workers are dependable...they appreciate the opportunity to work and be useful and also, they have compassion for their clients, knowing that they will be in their position someday soon. Seniors helping seniors.

4. Describe your ideal business owner.

A business owner should possess the ability to imagine the future working hard to accomplish goals, success and self satisfaction. I have always believed that if you really want to have your own business...whatever business that may can be achieved. It involves studying the business inside and out, accumulating all the information you can, setting goals yourself and the business and thinking, talking and dreaming about your business.

In other words, you live it. It becomes who you are. Therefore, your choice of the work you do is a true reflection of yourself. Most people who contact me regarding my business opportunity start out by telling me how much they enjoy being with older people. It is then and there that I know this new business owner will be successful. If you love what you do, it would be hard to fail.

5. What kind of support do you provide?

With my business opportunity, I offer two packages. Number one package is a Training Manual that takes you step by step in setting up and running your business. It includes all the forms we use in the business...some generated by our attorney to protect your business. It sells for $995.00. Package number two is the same but I have added unlimited business coaching and consulting for the first year and that package sells for $1995.00. Both are a great deal, it just depends on how much "hand holding" is needed. Starting a business can be a scary venture for some people. It is hard to know where and how to start. I didn't have any help or a manual when I started, so I learned from scratch. It was very difficult for me. I was in the airline industry and was traveling all the time. I knew that I wanted my own business, one that I could operate from home, so I could be available for my young daughter. I am happy to help others start their own home care agency - I enjoy it tremendously.

6. What is the most gratifying thing about being a part of Ageless Checkers?

When I started this business, I had no idea the huge impact it would make in my community. Not only was I providing help at home for older people who needed it, but their adult children finally had some care giving relief...from us. These family members had their own families to attend to, jobs and other responsibilities and now faced with caring for their aging parents. It's pretty tough to be in two places at once, so they are very so happy to utilize our services. Again, we were doing a "good thing."

7. Do you believe that women can have it all?

My idea of the "ideal situation" would be to earn excellent income by having your own business, working this business from home and providing a service that is needed and welcomed. That is exactly what I am offering.

8. Your advice to our mompreneurs.

There is a smart, wonderful lady who writes very informative books for women who would like to have their own business. Priscilla Huff, who also writes for Home Business Magazine, offers great information and insight and common sense for those considering a business. I would recommend reading at least one of her many books.

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