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Edward A. Zito - President of Infinite Marketing

1. How did the idea for Infinite Marketing come about?

The idea came from a business we had in the 80s and early 90s - Trump Card. This was a photographic business card. We did not invent the idea but we took the concept and re-launched it because business people were not using it back then. It was well received. We ended up with over 100,000 clients and 600 franchisees. After it became a great success, we sold the business and went into the sales training business.

Six years ago, with the move into the new century, we thought 'Why not come up with something better?' This resulted in the development of a business card on a little disc. It took us two years to develop the technology. Once we finished the prototype, we took it to the market and further developed it to the great tool it is today. Then we established our Franchise Program.

2. Tell us more about your franchising opportunity?

Ours is a home-based business. When I say home-based, what I mean is that you do not need your own retail space. But you do need to go out and meet with people and convert them to clients. Our franchisees go out and make presentations to business people asking lots of questions to evaluate the current marketing tools and to discover how the Video Business Card can benefit that prospect further. When retail prospects request information through our advertising, we direct those clients to our nearest franchisee, which is also a way of finding potential clients.

Our distributorship fee is 14,900 USD. For this cost, we provide a full package which includes the professional video equipment - an 18" camera, tripod, video lighting unit, clip on mic, carrying cases and even all the props such as silk plants etc. We not only provide our franchisees the materials to start their businesses, but we also teach them to develop their businesses. Once a franchisee has signed up, they attend a 5-day training program at our offices in Atlanta. At this class we teach them how to market, how to get appointments with clients, how to operate the video equipment, how to do the paper work related to the business etc.

In addition, they get everything from their own video business cards, web presence, flyers, order forms and all that they need to operate the business.

After the training we recommend that our franchisees go back to their communities and join the Chambers of Commerce. This way they build their network and develop business contacts. They also approach people they already do business with. For example, I might approach my personal dentist, he is likely to take my appointment and is an obvious prospect. Our distributors find that even if their warm market doesn't purchase the Video Business Cards, they are very willing to pass on warm referrals for others who they know who would benefit from the product. Your own warm market is a great way to get started in this business.

Once the sale is made, the franchisee schedules a return visit to shoot the video. The distributor simply shoots the video, gathers the necessary information and then mails everything to Infinite Marketing for proofing and production. Once the order is complete, we ship the finished product back to the franchisee for delivery.

3. Would you describe yours as a great franchising opportunity for women?

Absolutely! We have many women as our franchisees. Holly Woolsey, our National Director of Marketing is one great example. She started as one of our franchisees. She had no previous experience in sales. But she did such a great job with her franchise that we called her and asked her if she would like to work for us full time. Holly is a mom of a 5-year old and she needs flexibility to balance her career and her job as a mom. We offer that.

4. What do your existing franchisees say about your franchising opportunity?

I will let them speak for themselves. Here are some quotes from just a few of the many letters we have received from Franchisees.

"The training was outstanding and the Infinite Marketing team makes you feel like you are part of the family". Gary & Paula Quinn

"Infinite Marketing has been very professional in everything they do and I have found that they have gone the extra mile for me in many ways." Vince Toepfer

"I have owned other businesses in the past and have attended their training classes as well. That being said, Ed when anyone attends your class they will receive yours straight from the heart. It is more than just a how-to primer on proper sales techniques and the Video Business Card system. They will be inspired by your quest to be the best, and they will leave your class with proven, identifiable skills and motivation to reach any plateau they choose as a goal. On behalf of me and my family and my future customers, a heart felt thank you for this truly 21st century opportunity." Jim Huffman .

5. Describe your ideal franchisee?

The ideal franchisee would be someone who is a people person. Someone who is outgoing loves to network and meet new people, because this business involves networking with other professionals and making new contacts. Also, it should be someone who is willing to follow our proven, successful guidelines clearly covered in our training and our manual. For someone who wants to do their own thing, franchising is not a very good option. Other than this, factors like age, sex, previous experience really do not matter.

6. How successful is Infinite Marketing today?

We are thrilled! We started two years ago and today we have 100 franchises and we plan to have 500 over the next three years. We are constantly breaking into new markets and getting recognized by the media.

When people receive one of our video business cards, they say "Wow! That's a great idea." They treat it like a gift rather than a promotional item. Recipients like it so much that it is becoming increasingly popular. It also costs less than a brochure that usually ends up in the trash. The video card is also interactive unlike a brochure. So our clients really appreciate this. One Eye Surgeon ordered 15,000 of our Video Business Cards. He had such good results that he called back and ordered another 15,000. So, we are confident about our product.

7. What is your advice to would be women entrepreneurs?

Many people want to be in business for themselves. They like the idea of not having a boss and working at their own pace. That is OK, as long as you are willing to work. You have got to be a self manager so that you can work for yourself just as you would have if you were working for someone else. My advice is if you are going to do your own business, then find something that you really enjoy doing. If you are not excited about the product you are selling, you cannot go out and sell it. You need to believe in it. Find a business that you are passionate about. That way you will be motivated to get up and get going.

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