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Andrew Shure - CEO of Shure Pets

1. What is the Pet industry in the US like?

According to Business Week, the Pet industry is the fastest growing category in retail after consumer electronics. WE are experiencing the humanization of our pets in our society.

2. What is your Pet Consultant Program all about?

We developed our product line and compensation structure to empower pet lovers to be "their own boss" in a profession that they love.

3. What kind of support or training do you offer your consultants?

We provide extensive training, including dedicated personnel devoted to field trading, conference calls, seminars and many more.

4. What are the rewards for consultants like?

We provide a structure that allows each to reach their personal goals. Our programs include compensation, trips and incentive goods.

5. What in your opinion is the most gratifying thing about being a part of Shure pets?

Working in a field that you love and tend to be knowledgeable about.

6. Describe your ideal consultant.

A passionate pet lover seeking to build a business in a profession that they love.

7. Is this the kind of business opportunity that women would find interesting?


8. How successful is Shure Pets today?

We are successful at reaching our early goals. We work each day to accomplish the next set of goals.

9. What are your plans for growth?

We are always looking to attract the "best people" to our business. We are constantly innovating adding new products and programs to attract people and to keep everyone engaged.

10. Any advice for our mompreneurs?

Find something that you really enjoy love. Your efforts will show!!

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