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Welcome to Our Financial Services Franchise

Entrepreneur magazine, the recognized leader for franchise information,
has consistently given IFG high marks in their Franchise 500® lists,
including top home-based franchises and top global franchises categories.
Founded in 1971, The Interface Financial Group® enjoyed almost
immediate success and began offering Financial Services Franchise
Opportunities in 1991 to meet the growing demand for Interface’s unique
invoice discounting system...

Financial Services Franchise

Start a Financial Services Franchise Today!

Established over 35 years ago to help solve small business cash flow problems - The Interface Financial Group is still proving that same personalized service today. Over the past three and half decades we have stayed focused on one service and ensuring that we deliver it in a timely and professional manner.

The backbone of the economy actually rests on the back of small businesses - it is not the fortune 500 group that make things work - it is small business and as such our mission is to help those businesses grow and grow rapidly.

We achieve this through a unique and proven invoice discounting procedure - and we deliver it in a Financial Services Franchise format that is well suited to a home based environment. Because our system emphasizes ‘putting your capital to work and not putting you to work’ it provides an opportunity to work business hours that suit you, the Financial Services Franchise owner, and also extensive time flexibility to ‘add on’ the franchise to other activities.

Interface Financial Services Franchise owners all have common background traits - great communicators - problem solvers - decision makers and above all they have a solid business background on which to build their Interface skills. That background may come from almost any area - there is no one single profession or background that stands out above others when running a Financial Services Franchise through Interface.
Selling Methods

We prefer to see ourselves as presenters rather than sellers of a service. The majority of business undertaken by our Financial Services Franchise owners is business that is referred to them. We do not cold call and in fact rarely approach the ‘end user’ at all. We train all franchises in the art of networking and that’s what makes our franchisees successful.

Start-Up Costs

The initial franchisee fee is $36,000.00 and start up costs for equipment/travel for training etc. are approximately $5,500.00. In addition, as the business opens you will require working capital to run the business and buy invoices. Most Financial Services Franchise owners start at the $50-$60K level, and then grow that base as their business expands over time.

Training and Sales Support
Training is intensive and extensive.
We have both training at our training centre in Irvine, California and also ‘field training’ at the location of the Financial Services Franchise owner. Once training is complete all franchisees enter our coaching program for individual mentoring on a week by week basis in a one on one environment with a senior member of the management team at Head Office. Ongoing training is also provided through monthly webinars. For the life of the franchise, 10 years, every single transaction that a franchisee reviews is also reviewed by the Interface Management Team - before the transaction is completed. This ‘hand holding’ review process is a major component in Interface's Financial Services Franchise support system.
Financial Services Franchise Mr. David T. Banfield
President - Interface Financial Group
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David T. Banfield - President
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Financial Services Franchise
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