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Dessert Franchise
Start your own Gourmet Dessert Franchise TODAY! Let Julie Ann’s Gourmet Dessert Shops show you how.
Baby Power Forever-Kids
Baby Power Forever-Kids - Children Franchise Opportunity
Financial Services Franchise
Start a rewarding Financial Services Franchise today! Let Interface Financial Group show you how.
KidzArt! - Children Franchise
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Franchising 101

Everything you always wanted to know about Franchising…
But didn't know whom to ask!

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Chapter 1: Why Franchising can help you

Typically, most people assume that Franchising involves spending loads of money in order to be able to associate with a big brand name such as McDonalds, or it may be a business flooded with scams. Although this is the popular perception floating around, it is definitely not true. There are thousands and thousands of franchising opportunities available and there is a suitable franchise for each and everyone. Ranging from computer trouble shooting solutions right down to a home based business, the gamut of opportunities can make it difficult to choose!

While you may have a fantastic idea or concept in mind to start your business, we would like to help you understand how franchising can help you jump starting your business. Read More

Chapter 2: How Franchising works

Franchising has become a proven business model and it has become a highly successful marketing tool for all aspiring entrepreneurs. If statistics are anything to go by, franchising contributes approximately 3 trillion USD every year in retail sales and approximately 1 out of every 16 people are employed in the franchising industry.

During times of the economic downslide most people fear losing their jobs and getting laid off. So they start looking for other means to ensure their independence and stability. Franchising is a great way for such people to ensure their independence and financial growth even in such an economic scenario. Franchising is basically a concept used to describe a situation where the organization that is franchising (also known as franchisor) provides necessary support, training and a limited “license” to a businessperson (franchisee) to sell the products and services manufactured by the franchisor. Since the franchisee is a part of the parent company, he or she has to use the brand imagery, and other attributes pertaining to the parent company’s brand. An initial investment is required to be provided by the franchisee in return for which, the franchisor provides all the requisite support and training needed for the franchisee to get started. This is a great marketing tool because all the necessary infrastructure, supplier network and business plan is already in place. All the franchisee needs to do is try and sell the products and services of the
parent company.

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