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Dessert Franchise
Start your own Gourmet Dessert Franchise TODAY! Let Julie Ann’s Gourmet Dessert Shops show you how.
Baby Power Forever-Kids
Baby Power Forever-Kids - Children Franchise Opportunity
Financial Services Franchise
Start a rewarding Financial Services Franchise today! Let Interface Financial Group show you how.
KidzArt! - Children Franchise
Franchise Articles

Franchise Articles on bizymoms is a great source of highly relevant content about starting a franchise, pros and cons of a franchising opportunity, what kind of investment needed to get started, and how to pick the perfect franchise for you .

In this section you will find many articles that can provide you more information on franchising and the diverse opportunities it provides.

>> Home Based Franchises
Do you wake up all groggy-eyed in the morning, dreading to go to work? Do you wish your work timings could have been more flexible?

>> Franchising – Breaking The Myths
While franchising may seem like a highly viable option as far as startups go, this high-impact low-risk opportunity has been shrouded with many myths.

>> Child Franchises
The opportunities for child franchises have grown tremendously in the recent past. The opportunities range from education to exercise.

>> Common Mistakes
Franchising provides unlimited opportunities to expand your business, be in control and raise your financial performance.

>> Franchising Vs. Licensing
You might have come across the terms ‘franchising’ and ‘licensing’. As similar as these two may sound, there’s quite a lot of difference between the two.
>> An Industry Or A Marketing System?
Franchising – is it an industry in itself or a mere marketing system? In the initial days when franchising was fairly nascent, it could be fair to say it was just a marketing system.
>> The Origins Of Franchising
The word ‘Franchise’ has its origins in French meaning ‘Freedom’. Franchising surprisingly was a popular way of business many years ago in several European countries of the world.
>> How To Avoid Franchise Scams
A franchise scam is a situation where the franchisor promises to take you to heaven but never turns up for the trip.
>> Franchise Your Business
Franchising has emerged as a popular way of growing business with minimal risk involved. It is a great way to have the reins of the business in your hands, while also an innovative method of distributing your service offerings or products.
>> Franchising Needs Women
Today the world of franchising is searching for people to take up the challenge of the fast growing business of franchising.
>> Franchise, Franchisor and Franchise
If you are a bizy mom who is willing to become independent, self-sufficient while being flexible, franchising is the best option for you.
>> Why Women Make Good Franchisees?
Franchising has become a very popular business avenue today. According to the statistics of International Franchise Association,
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