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Watkins - Independent Associate

Theresa de Jesus

Could this home business help you? Are you among those millions who are simply in a rut? You get up, go to work, come home then go to bed. The next day, it will start all over again. If you answered yes, then it's time for a change!

Hi! My name is Theresa de Jesus and I live here in San Fernando Valley, California with my family. I signed up with Watkins in July 2006 as an associate so I could get discounts for the products I purchased. Before I joined Watkins, I had heard and read numerous testimonies from people who were impressed with the way Watkins products have improved or changed their lives.

Watkins, is one of the oldest companies in the world, was founded in 1868 by J. R. Watkins on the principles of quality and service to the customer. The company has been providing high-quality specialty products with over 370 items that every household needs from specialty gourmet foods and award-winning spice and extracts, to cutting-edge weight loss products, supplements and health care, to natural personal care, and economical home care products -- all with the "original" 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Watkins home business has helped thousands of people realize their dreams. The company has provided associates an exceptional income opportunity that is family-friendly and flexible. Watkins has remained strong throughout its over 138 - year history, while many other companies have come and gone. And, while there are other opportunities out there, no other company can match Watkins longstanding reputation for product excellence and business integrity.

Although Watkins is over 138 years old, they offer all the high-tech support of a large company, and on September 1, 2000 began offering optional personalized e-commerce web sites to Associates that want to market on the Internet. Watkins does all the work in maintaining the online catalog and processing orders from the 24-hour secure shopping cart, so no web design skills are needed! The web sites offer real-time sales reports and have a new Associate sign-up area. Even those that choose not to have their own personal web site still benefit from the company’s main web site where customers can order just by having their Watkins Associate’s ID number.

Did you know that Watkins

  • Was rated as one of 5 Hot Home Based Companies in Executive Female Magazine?
  • Had two leaders presented in Success Magazine's "We Create Millionaires" article on MLM?
  • One of Major League Baseball's best pitchers, Johann Santana uses and endorses our famous Watkins liniment products!
  • Offered the first known money-back guarantee in America?
  • Was listed in the "A" list of Top Network Marketing Companies in Downline News Magazine?

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my Watkins home business. If you are interested in trying this home business, please give me a call. I look forward to discussing Watkins with you and answering any questions you may have.

Previous experience is not necessary. However, I am looking for ambitious, self - motivated team players who are serious about starting and succeeding in their own business. You need to realize that it takes effort and dedication to be successful in your home business.
Selling Methods
You can build your business online or offline or a combination of both. You get to pick the business strategies you enjoy. Door-to-door sales, catalog sharing, party plan, fundraising , fairs – the possibilities are endless! Promotional tools are available for you to use. You’ll receive plenty of help and encouragement from other Summit Group associates who want to help you succeed. Watkins does not require you to keep inventories as products can be shipped directly to your customer’s address.
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Start-Up Costs
You can become a Watkins Associate by purchasing the Business Introduction Package which costs $59.95. The kit comes with several samples, a starter supply of catalogs and a reference guide to get you started immediately.
Training and Sales Support

Toll-Free Telephone Support from Watkins and Watkins Summit Group Leaders

Very Active Private Message Board, for Watkins Summit Group Members only, to get your questions answered

Email Support

Online Training Website with hundreds of articles and helpful tools to help your business grow

Weekly Live Conference Calls with experienced leaders to help teach you exactly how to build your business

Complete Step-by-Step Proven System and Materials available to put the system into action

Training Manuals - You'll have access to short, concise training guides including the Quick Start Guide which will teach you exactly what to do in the first days and weeks of your business to get off to a fast start

Your Own Personal Profit Producing Website complete with our proven Automatic Follow-up System

Training Audio Cassettes and CDs Detailed training on various aspects of building a Watkins business including prospecting, presentations, training, and follow-through

Great group of Watkins People who make this home business fun and the best opportunity you'll find!

Bonuses or Incentives
Bonuses, prizes and free trips available.
Great friendship, fun and recognition.

No educational or training requirements needed.

You must be willing to work hard and be willing to invest time each week to work on your business. Time or money or a combination of both are required in order to be successful in any type of business

When you join Watkins you are not making any kind of long term commitment. If it doesn’t work for any reason, you can choose to quit at any time. You have total flexibility. You control how you build your business.

There is NO QUOTA. You don't need to sell a certain amount per month, or per year.


Based on your efforts.

25% to 39 % discount on items you order for yourself

25 to 39% profit on sales to your customers

5% to 10 % bonus profit on the total sales volume generated by your entire downline group

Special programs for extra bonuses or prizes

Contact Information

Theresa de Jesus - Independent Associate
Tel/Fax: 877-713-4757

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