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By: Liz Hawkinson - Senior Executive Supervisor

Listen to a message from Liz

I joined Usborne Books & More in 2002 when my son was 18 months old. I was looking for a way to quit my part time job at a dance studio and be home with my son. A friend of mine went to a party and told me about these great books and the Usborne opportunity.

I have been a book-lover all my life. My mom was a librarian and my childhood home was filled with books. I had many books already for my son and we enjoyed reading together. However, I had never heard of Usborne Books.

When I saw the books, I was so impressed by the colors, textures, and quality of them. I knew I wanted a lot of these books for my family, so I decided to try out the business. I figured if it didn’t work for me and my family, I would still get a lot of great books for my son.

A couple of my friends agreed to host a party to help me get started and I haven’t run out of business yet! People that I meet LOVE Usborne Books as much as I do and many of them haven’t heard of our company either. Selling these books has been easy and fun!

It has been so wonderful to share these amazing books with adults and children, and even more fulfilling to share the opportunity for others to join my team and have a business like I have, whether it is for extra income, full-time income to replace another job, an outlet to be with adults, or just for a discount on some great, educational books for their families.

Now, 5 years later I still love my Usborne Books & More business. I have a terrific team of about 250 people all over the United States and we are National Award Winners! I had no idea how much I would enjoy the recognition and support I have received with Usborne Books & More. From receiving awards, to earning bonuses and trips, to just getting flowers from my mentor, this has been and incredible experience.

I now have 2 sons and I love sharing a great library of books with them, and also sharing a home-based business. They are learning about motivation, confidence, and fun from their mother. This business has greatly improved my marriage as well. It has given me something to be proud of outside of being a wife and mother and my income is contributing greatly to our family – yet I still just work part time and get to be home with my sons.

People who love books and who love children tend to do great with Usborne Books & More!

I am looking for anyone with a passion for great, educational, fun books for kids. Our books are so beautiful that they jump off the table to adults and to children.

You don’t have to be an expert at anything to sell Usborne Books. You just have to find pleasure in changing the lives of children for the better and for promoting literacy one book at a time!

Selling Methods
Usborne offers various avenues for marketing our wonderful books.

We do Home Parties – or educational workshops, online sales, booths, book fairs for preschools/daycares/schools, fundraising reading incentive programs, direct selling to schools and libraries, baby showers, teacher appreciation parties and more.

There is an avenue for everyone with Usborne Books & More.

Start-Up Costs

Our Standard Business Kit costs $199 and includes 33 books, an e-commerce website for 6 months (renewable for $50 per year) and the supplies you need to get started.

We always have a Monthly Special Kit that varies in price. Please see my website at for details on the current monthly kit special.

Training and Sales Support
Usborne offers an enormous amount of training and support for new and seasoned consultants –whether you are looking for career-level income, or just to get some awesome, educational books for a discount for your family.

We have online training chats, free access to audio files of our National Convention workshops, email and phone training from a National award-winning line of supervisors including myself, and a great archive source of questions and answers.

Bonuses or Incentives
Usborne Books & More rewards you at every level. We have monthly bonuses depending on your sales and Home Office challenges each month that include free books, points toward our travel incentive trips, and even computer equipment.

There is always a Travel Incentive contest based on sales and sharing the Usborne opportunity with others. I have traveled to Las Vegas and Paris, France for free with Usborne. Both were amazing trips that I never would have been able to take without this business.

Our One Step at a Time program for new consultants provides free and discounted books and even cash for sales and sponsoring in your first 12 weeks. This is meant to get you off to a great start with your business and build your kit.


Usborne Books & More has NO MINIMUMS!

Once you have achieved your initial $85 in net sales (about $115 in books sold), there are no quotas, no minimums, and no pressure. You will not end up with a garage full of books – unless you want one


Usborne Books & More pays a 25% commission on home show sales and online sales. For an average home show (around $400 in sales) you take home $100 in cash – not bad for an evening’s work!

The percentages vary for other avenues of selling from 17% for Book Fairs to 30% for direct sales.

There are monthly sales bonuses based on your sales that begin right away.

As a consultant you are also paid 4% on the sales of people you share the Usborne opportunity with. As a leader, that percentage increases to 11% of your team’s sales and also your own sales.

Contact Information

Liz Hawkinson - Senior Executive Supervisor

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