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USANA - Nutritional Supplement and Skin Care Product Business

By: Jennifer Ratliff

I am a working mother of three (4 year-old son and infant twins). I've filled various professional roles within Consulting and the Insurance industry over the past ten years, making a substantial income. However, the hours and lack of flexibility leave little time for me to spend with my family.

My husband introduced me to USANA because I was looking for a way to supplement my income, and ultimately, replace my current salary, doing something I feel passionate about – health.

USANA manufacturers nutritional supplements and skin-care products (Sensé). USANA follows the pharmaceutical, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) as the basis of their quality assurance program, unlike many other vitamin manufacturers. They guarantee the potency of their products for two full years using international stability standards for the pharmaceutical industry.

The Sensé line, consisting of skin-care products is a revolutionary approach to beauty in which cellular nutrition and dermatological science are combined for maximum skin, hair, and body benefits. The Sensé product is developed with the patented-pending, self-preserving formula for maximum safety, which does not contain parabenes.

I love working with people and am interested in health.  I enjoy building and maintaining relationships and learning about new things.
Selling Methods
Online and network marketing (relationship marketing)
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Start-Up Costs

Self-study material: $19.95 for the electronic business development system (eBDS) or $49.95 for the print and electronic business development system. (BDS and eBDS).

Business Activation: Starts at $350.00 (price may be higher depending on enrollment package you choose).

Training and Sales Support

Personal mentoring with your sponsor

Self-study material (as mentioned above under “Start-up costs”)

Webinars hosted by corporate or other associates

Conferences (charges may apply but are tax deductible)

Bonuses or Incentives

Bonuses are available once you achieve Gold Director status. Bonuses increase as you advance in rank.


In order to start your business and keep it active, you must purchase products that total a minimum of one-hundred Personal Sales Volume (PSV) points every four weeks.

The PSV points can be used for personal consumption or for resale to customers.


Earnings vary depending on sales and status/rank

Contact Information

Jennifer and/or Jerome Ratliff -
Independent Sales Associate

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