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By: Wendy Schaan - Listen to a message from Wendy

I really wasn’t looking for a business, I just wanted to try the products out for my allergies and my son's asthma.

Well the products were so great, and we had such great results with the allergies and asthma, that I wanted to tell everyone I knew about these products, and if it made sense to me to try the products out, it would certainly make sense to others as well. The company is a manufacturing company of consumable products that do not contain any harmful chemicals. And for over two decades this company has consistently grown its business with a track record that few companies have been able to emulate. This company continues to be awarded and recognized by the Better Business Bureau, The United States Chamber of Commerce, Inc. magazine, USA Today and CNN.

All the time I hear from people who were in other businesses that ours is so different than the others they have been in. Here you get paid on your efforts. In other business models you work really hard but it is hard for people to make any income. In my business I have so many people that get cheques each month. Even customers who are not doing the business can get a little cheque as well. That does not happen in other businesses.

Unlike many so-called “Business Opportunities” today we won’t hide in anonymity behind our web site or make any ridiculous get rich quick claims. What we will do is follow up with you in person and teach you step by step how to duplicate the success that so many of our team members are already enjoying.

Our team represents an international manufacturing company that is fast becoming the Premiere Wellness Company in the world today. The Wellness industry is exploding with opportunity. Our Company’s Health and Wellness oriented product line is designed to take a preventative approach to a healthier lifestyle by eliminating the toxins from our homes and environment that are contributing to so much sickness and disease.

With over 350 Household, Nutritional and Personal Care Products our exceptional line is safer for your home and the environment, better quality and more economical than what most people commonly use today.

Thanks to the millions of dollars that’s been spent on state of the art order processing and direct fulfillment systems, you won’t be required to stock any products or run around town making deliveries either. In Fact, just look at the benefits of our business:

No Big Investment No Selling
No Product Inventories No Employees
No Order Taking Or Deliveries To Make No Stress
No Complicated Book Keeping Or Paperwork No Multi Level Marketing
No Traditional Business Overhead No Risk
Basically the skills you will need, is to have the desire to help others. Have a Desire to get out of debt. You don’t need a high school or college education, you just pretty much have to be able to talk with others. Having a Computer really helps as we have training tools on our team site that can help you grow your business.
Selling Methods
We are consumer direct marketing, we don’t sell products, we don’t do home parties, and we are not a distributors. This is not MLM Marketing. We just help to build the company's customer base and help others to set up their account so that they can shop factory direct at 30-40% off the retail price of the products, and help them to get them free if they want to.
Start-Up Costs

Our start up costs are $29.00 unless we have a promotion for that month.

Training and Sales Support

Now take a look at just a few of the incredible business tools and support we can provide you with:

  • You can have 3 websites for advertising.
  • Free Website Maintenance and Management
  • 1-800 Toll Free and Online Customer Ordering
  • Corporate Customer Care and Support
  • Business Training and Support (access to our Team Training Website )
  • Personal Coaching & Mentoring
  • Live Daily Business Presentations and Weekly Training Calls
  • Online Access to Monitor Your Business

And So Much More…..

Bonuses or Incentives

Our incentives are you can earn up to 20% for all the customers that you personally get to become customers, and those customers tell people then you make an override on those customers as well. We have over 15 other income streams, one is a vehicle program monthly incentives, bonuses and so on.

We don't have monthly sales quotas, we just need to shop for our family of the things that we need, ex toothpaste, skin care, cleaning products, laundry products, nutritional products, weight management products. Protein drinks and bars. Etc. We simply switch stores, and if you like the products, which most people do as we have a documented 95% re-order rate. So if you like the products and if you want to you can tell others about our company and get paid. Very simple concept.

The basic pay scale for doing this as a business is anywhere from $150.00 per month to any amount that you want. Our top income earner makes over $2 million a year and he has only been involved for 15 years. It is a 22 year old company He was not the first to get in he just worked a lot harder than others.

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