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Packing Supplies Business

The sample bag is a unique concept in which small to mid-sized items from various companies are individually wrapped by the person/rep who is sending in their items to us, which includes their business card and/or information.  This provides a method of direct marketing and advertising to our reps by reaching consumers they would otherwise not be able to reach.  Combine that with our representative program, and sponsor names, banners and links on our site, and you have a wonderful opportunity to make money in many directions.   Thus representatives gain advertising by being in the bag; by having their names and businesses on our site as well as in the bag; by gaining leads that they would otherwise not be able to reach, and while making money all at the same time. 

Consumers benefit greatly as they can purchase The Sample Bag filled to the top with items from all of these various companies, for one very low fee of only $10.99 plus shipping and handling.  Consumers can also use these bags in various ways.  For example, excluding the sheer joy of just receiving a goody bag full of items and using it for themselves, they are able to give these items out as gifts, use them for contests and/or drawings, give them away as door prizes for all kinds of events, even give them to teachers for teacher appreciation if they choose to.  The list is virtually endless when it comes to The Sample Bag. 

A Bit About us:

Both Renee and Ellen have had a lot of experience on the "Net" for many years incorporating what they know into this new direct marketing site so that everyone can benefit. Ellen was most recently nominated in two categories for the Stevie Awards for Women in Business, the first award being Best Entrepreneur in the Services Business, and the second, Women Helping Women Award.  Ellen also owns and operates How To Guide, which is a free resource site for work at home mothers, and includes resources, tips, informational how-go guides, written and published by Ellen and also is a Certified Master Virtual Assistant which is a sub-site of How to Guide, where Ellen offers MVA business services, How to Guide - MVA Business Services. Ellen is also the Creative Marketing Assistant for none other than the famous Cello in a Box Company and works with many people, as well as reps a for few other direct sales companies. Ellen also has a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business/e-Business from the University of Phoenix.

Renee, a long time friend of Ellen's, started out on the "Net" with her famous gift-balloon site, Notes That Float, which is still in business today offering gift-boxed balloons for special occasions and events. Since that time Renee also founded, owns and operates Womens Avenue, which is a membership site dedicated to women in business from all over the world, also offering many resources, tips, and more, and also owns and operates, Mountain Valley Hosting, which provides anyone with reliable hosting that is absolutely affordable to anyone!

Putting it mildly, these two women pack a power house full of information and experience to help individuals, both men and women learn how to make more sales! With that being said, this is exactly what this site is all about. Not to mention the ton of goodies that consumers will receive each time they purchase a sample bag! You can be both an advertiser and a consumer at your leisure, but the ultimate goal here is to get your items into the hands (literally) of eager consumers wanting to either try out new products, wanting to join a new business, and/or wanting a goody bag all for themselves! The list is virtually endless! With Ellen's and Renee's "two heads are better than one" take on this venture, you can be sure that this will be a success in the direct marketing arena.


"We want to help people succeed and to become the best that they possibly can be, but everyone needs a helping hand from time-to-time, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. That is why we have created this wonderful opportunity, so that everyone can benefit from this unique and guaranteed method of direct marketing." Ellen Levinas, Co-owner, The Sample Bag.

We’ve chosen this business, because it was a passion for us both to help people succeed, and primarily that is exactly what this business is all about.  Our first and foremost concern is our representatives, and we treat them with the utmost respect and keep them informed of what is going on as well as help them along by providing tools, articles, advice and more, we are more of a family in terms of assistance rather than a very up-tight business.  We believe that communication is the key to everyone’s success!

The Sample Bag is a very new business, just launched in January of this year, 2008, but many have shown a tremendous interest in this new concept, and we believe it will just continue to grow in leaps and bounds.  Even our families are joining in on the fun by filling up the bags, taking photos, and the like.  It is very exciting for everyone!


Communication skills is a must in this type of business
HTML and coding knowledge
Writing skills
Problem solving skills if needed
Training skills
Creative thinking abilities

No unique skills are required at all.  Drive and ambition is really all that is needed, but having fun while doing so is always a must!

Selling Methods

Representatives are able to sell through any venue that they would like to including auctions sites.  The only thing that we ask when posting on an auction site is to note that they are an Independent Representative of The Sample Bag.   Representatives can do in- home parties, online parties, sell in quantities, thus providing them with a discount on quantities and even an online party incentive encouraging them to do online parties if they would like to. 

We believe that we have taken direct-marketing and advertising to an entire new level and we certainly want everyone to benefit from it.

Contact Information
Ellen Levinas, Renee Brown - Owners
Tel/Fax: 1 (917) 757-0913
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