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By: Mary Spencer

This is the fastest growing privately owned company in US history. The product has been featured in Fortune Magazine (Sept 07), mentioned on Oprah twice as well as written up the in NY Times, WallStreet Journal, Men's Health and People Magazine to name a few.

To say that I am bursting at the seams to get the word out about this amazing liquid supplement would be an understatement. I am a mother of two beautiful girls and a doctor working part-time. I suffered a shoulder injury about 7 years ago which nearly cost me my career and definitely interfered with my family activities. I had been living with daily pain and restrictions in my shoulder movement until two of my friends insisted I try this product. I was extremely reluctant, since I had tried everything else with very little change but they were persistent and I thank God everyday that they were. Within 4 weeks of drinking this juice my shoulder symptoms started to go away (twilight Zone stuff). I have now been drinking it for 5 months and have absolutely no shoulder pain or restrictions in movement. At this point, I really wanted my patients to try it out to see if the results would be consistent in helping them with their aches and pains. The results were unbelievable! Not only were the joint problems (arthritis) responding but people who had stomach issues, sleep pattern problems, skin irritation, high cholesterol and blood sugar instabilities were also seeing changes. It completely blew me away. I had never seen anything work like this on so many different people with so many different problems.

I work in a healing field and have been blessed to help so many people take control of their lives by educating them that we are in control of our bodies. We can make poor choices about nutrition, exercise and stress levels and we ultimately suffer the consequences. I feel this product is helping to counteract some of the harmful nutritional mistakes that people make everyday, not only to themselves, but their children as well. When's the last time your child had 3-5 servings of fruit per day?

Combination of a desire to help others, yet at the same time a desire to be monetarily compensated. The very best salespeople in this industry are those that have had a powerful personal testimonial about how this product has helped them. Don't even attempt to sell something you don't believe in....others can tell when you are just trying to make money off of them. I love the product for what is did for me. I love helping other people with their health ailments and I love to make money, but it has to be in that order for it to truly work.
Selling Methods
This is a direct sales product. The company doesn't have an advertising budget, they pay the individuals who are selling and promoting the product. Home testing parties are extremely affective, but there are many ways to get the product out to others. If you or your spouse owns a store-front of any sort (hair salon, hardware store, produce stand, etc), you can display the product. Also, school or church festivals or any other place where the public gathers.
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Start-Up Costs

$39 gets you going, this includes a few videos and complete use of the company's website. The company is very much into conservation and there is no paper trail, everything is done by computer and they will keep track of everything for you. So, for those of us who already have too much stuff piled up, this is a great system.

Training and Sales Support

We have several teleconferences each week, to learn the business and more about the product

Local meetings, which can be found by checking the website

Personal Coaching and Mentoring. I'll give a big plug here, all of my upline have become at least mid-level executives within 6 months making $5,000-$10,000 each month. I'm well on my way, making about $1,000 per month after only 3 months of pursuing this as a business. You are only as strong as your downline and if you truly have a burning desire to be successful in this business, this group will make sure it happens!

Corporate Support through e-mail and telephone

Bonuses or Incentives

You earn 10% of your personal team's commissions. You also receive bulk order bonuses everytime someone you personally sponsor places an order for more than 3 cases.

None, you can just drink the juice for the nutritional benefit it will give you or you can sell as much or as little as you want. The structure is setup so that if you want to make money from the company you order one case each month and sign others up to do the same. You get a percentage of their orders and everyone else they sign up. Very simple structure - What makes this company unique is that it has a non-flushing system, so you don't loose any accumulated points from month to month. You just need to order your one case per month (which you should be drinking).

That's up to you! Part-time work, having a few home parties, introducing the product to others you could easily be making $5,000/month in just a few months. If you really go for it, the sky's the limit. Our top earners are making 10+ million a year and the company has only been around for 2 1/2 years. Presently there are very few states that have distributors, this won't last with the exposure this product and company are getting. It's a great time to jump on board and make huge money with a fanastic product.

Contact Information

Mary Spencer - Independent distributor #349379
678 773-6987   

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