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Foreclosure Mortgage Property Inspection

By Dee Young

Hi, I’m Dee! I wanted to take this opportunity to share with all of you how I started the business that I am now offering to you.

Approximately 17 years ago, I answered an ad in our local paper to perform delinquent interview inspections part time…I needed a reliable car and camera. When I saw this ad, I thought, “I can do that!” At that time I had two little kids, aged 4 yrs. and 7 months respectively.. Prior to looking for part time work, I had spent some years working full time with real estate appraisers and as a mortgage loan processor. My husband was in military and we lived in an area where we did not have family support (and being new not many friends) to help with our children so I had decided to find something that I could do from home so I didn’t have to leave my children in a day care. By this time I had performed various odd jobs from newspaper delivery, house cleaning and it seemed I scoured the newspaper daily looking for something I could do from home. This was in the day and age before the internet so the newspaper was just about our only source of job postings. I had answered (and paid for) many work from home ads including stuffing envelopes, assembling toys, assembly of switchboards, etc. I guess I don’t need to tell you what my success was with any of these… So, I responded to the ad and started working for a regional field service company located in Pennsylvania. They would mail the inspections to me, I would complete them and mail them back. They took the time to walk me through the information that was needed and trained me over the phone. The beauty of this type of work was that I had 7-10 days to complete the inspections and send them back. I was able to work this around my errands and family schedule. When our daughter entered kindergarten I took our son with me sometimes and other times I would only have to leave him just a couple of hours during the week. Many times I would perform the needed work after my husband arrived home or on Saturdays. Over time and as our children grew, I scheduled my work after I had taken them to school. Then after I picked them up, I would complete the necessary paperwork either before dinner or after I had spent time with my family in the evening. As I built and grew my business, I was able to offer the same flexibility to other moms and before long had 10 ladies working for me.

What started out as a very part time job became a statewide field service company employing over 30 people. By this time my husband had joined me and we expanded the business from the inspections to also performing property preservation maintenance as well. When our children were in high school, they worked for us, our daughter in the office and our son doing lawn maintenance.
Through the 17 years of starting and running our business, I have helped many people start their own field service companies and with much success.

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To perform mortgage field inspections no licensing or certifications are required. It is flexible and can be worked into any schedule. You will need to know how to operate a computer and it would be helpful to know how to read a map.
Selling Methods
This type of work requires no selling of a product only registering online with the companies provided.
Start-Up Costs

You would need a computer (and printer) with high speed internet capability, a phone with voice mail and a digital camera. Once you begin receiving work, a fax would be beneficial

Training and Support - Updated in 2008!
We provide two E-books which serve as training manuals at a nominal fee of $99.95. These books include company contacts in the mortgage, real estate, retail, and insurance industries as well as a step by step tutorial on how to start your own home based business. I also personally provide training via phone, email and our monthly newsletter which supplies helpful small business tips and industry information.
Bonuses or Incentives
This business can be whatever you want it to be; part time around your schedule or full time. It can be local to your community or you could grow it to be statewide, regional or national company. We provide the tools and training, you do the rest.

There are no sales quotas or monthly purchases, just a one time purchase of the educational manuals which includes training.

It is not unreasonable to earn $500-$5,000/month. I started earning approximately $300/month. After 17 years we saw gross receipts in excess of $1.5M/year. Many of the moms who worked for me earned between $2,000-4,000 part time. The amount is determined on how you put into action the information we teach you.
Contact Information

Dee Young, Owner/President    
Phone : 877-245-6005

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