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By: Tara Vickers & Kristen Grayner

"Find out why our company was one of five companies profiled on Good Morning America, July 12th, during a segment focusing on home-based business opportunities for women!"

Have you been thinking about starting a home based business, but didn't know where to start? Tara & Kristin were moms who were also looking for a real home business that would offer an income and flexibility. They not only wanted to work from home in and around their families. But they wanted to join a team of moms who are making a difference for their family. Becoming a Shaklee Distributor was the fit for each of them. They both have their individual home businesses, but work together as a team!

What makes this company different is they have conducted business with unprecedented integrity for over 50 years! The products and the value of the products speak for themselves. We are truly a family and it starts from the top. Our CEO is a family man and believes in giving his Distributors the best opportunity to stay-at-home with their children and build a future for them to pass their business along from generation to generation. We speak with other Distributors around the world and we all share in the same vision, a healthy mind and home can do amazing things! We like the fact that our members are not required to purchase each month, they can purchase when needed, which allows them to not feel pressured into buying each month.

Tara began her business in May of 2007 after a friend told her she needed to look into becoming a Shaklee Distributor. She has worked in the Direct Sales industry for many years and has never felt the support and integrity of a company like she does now! Making the decision to become a distributor was a very easy one. Kristin began her business in January of 2007, but she has been using the products for over 30 years (started in her mother's womb). You could say she was destined to start her own business, since her parents have been distributors for over 42 years!

The two have come together to offer a strong support team for new distributors and work closely with everyone to ensure their success! When you become a part of our team, you can rest assured you will be behind a strong team of individuals who have years of experience that can help you get your new business started off right!

Shaklee Distributors have the pleasure of working with the #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S. This company has been improving the lives of millions of their members and of their Independent Distributors for over 50 years. When pioneering the nutritional supplement industry, they created natural products which are good for us and our planet. Our products include supplements/vitamins, non-toxic household and laundry cleaners, skin care, mineral make-up, water purification, air purification and sports nutrition.
There is no experience necessary! We believe if you are passionate about something it's not selling. We are both passionate about these products and love to talk about them. No skill required to do that! However, we are looking for motivated individuals who are serious about succeeding as a Shaklee Distributor. The effort you put into your business is completely up to you!
Selling Methods

You can do any business needs with your computer, personal contact or telephone. This business is done in and around your current lifestyle. Home parties are not required. We encourage you to purchase a personal website. By doing so this allows others to locate a Shaklee Distributor near them based on their address and all orders are placed through your website. We conduct all of our business online through our personal websites.

Start-Up Costs

You can become a Shaklee Distributor with two packages at a cost of $39.95 (Distributor Kit) or $299.00 (Fast Start to Wellness Distributor Program), the two kits vary with what you receive and can be explained in more detail upon request! Members can even start their own business! Receive your own website with an initial set up fee of $29.95 and then $14.95 per month after.

Training and Sales Support

You can receive as much FREE training as you want. We are always having conference calls to talk about the business and bounce ideas off of each other. The majority of your training is done through talking to your sponsor and their sponsor helping you as well. You are never left to fend for yourself! Your sponsor has just as much invested in your success as you do. You have joined a team! Support is provided by the company, your sponsor and one-on-one training!

Bonuses or Incentives

There are always bonus plans and incentive plans to take advantage of. They change from time to time, but we always have bonus/incentives going on!


As a distributor you are required to uphold the integrity of the company name! Because this is your own business, you select how much and how often you wish to work!

You are not required to work any certain hours and never required to order a bunch of products to stock up around your home. We also have no sales quotes!

As your business grows and you begin to use our wonderful products in your own home, the only requirement to get paid is a minimum of 100 PV per month. This is easy to do since you are using the products anyways!

Regardless of the level you are with the company, your monthly PV NEVER changes, unlike many other companies!


The great thing about our business is you can earn as much as you wish by the time you invest in your business! We have a great earning plan which allows us to earn an unlimited amount of income each month plus bonuses! The exact amount you are paid is based upon your dedication to your business and the time you invest! Many part time distributors earn $15,000 per year and others earn well over 200,000 per year!

The choice is yours! You decide what you want to make!

Our company was one of five companies profiled on Good Morning America, July 12th, during a segment focusing on home-based business opportunities for women which goes to show how well the business works for those who truly want it!

Shaklee can help you live the life of your dreams!

Contact Information

Tara Vickers & Kristen Grayner
Independent Distributor’s

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