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By: Traci Buxton

I am a single mom with 4 children and also work as a Registered Nurse. I found Heritage Makers just over 2 years ago when I didn’t even realize that I was looking for something. I had always dreamed of owning my own home based business and had tried several things but nothing was for me. I was an avid scrap booker but had become discouraged due to the time and money it was taking and never feeling like I could get ‘caught up’.

When I saw Heritage Makers, I knew it was perfect for me in so many ways! The mission statement of “Preserving Home and Family” hit my heart and the idea of preserving my memories through the power of story, not just by placing photos on a page, became my passion!

The other thing that sold me was that my photos and my books would be archived forever so that if my house was to flood, burn, etc. I could retrieve my memories, I couldn’t say this about my scrapbooks. I soon realized that I could make a great income and actually work from home, therefore setting my own hours around my children and their crazy schedules! My children are a great part of my business and help me in so many ways, along with making their own books and preserving their own memories! We have set many dreams and goals together as a family and are working together toward achieving those goals, which includes, bringing me home from work this year!


I love the computer and learning new things! I love the chance to be creative but the option to use what others have already created!

I also enjoy leadership opportunities and managing others in a very fun and positive way

Selling Methods

In home parties, online, one-on one. You can be as creative as you want to be with your selling methods! In home parties tend to be the easiest way with the largest audience at one time.

Start-Up Costs

There are 2 different kit options. The Business Kit is $99.95 and includes a sampling of the business tools, a few books, training materials, website and virtual office. The Demo Kit is $299 and provides everything you need to start your business as well as hold 3-4 parties! You also receive over $110 worth of product/credit to get started on preserving your own memories! Contact me for a handout with the specific items included in each of the kits.

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Training and Sales Support

We provide as much or as little training as you would like to receive. Training manuals and DVD are included in the kits upon sign up. We also have many team training webinars and conference calls as does the Home Office. We make sure you are trained so that you can truly become successful!

Bonuses or Incentives

Each month a consultant incentive is offered in the way of free product etc. Each year consultants earn ‘Paid Way Points’ that can be used to attend our Annual Reunion, Dream Team Training, Leaders Roundtable as well as our yearly Cruise! This is the highlight of the year and very attainable!


There aren’t any mandatory sales requirements. You will want to be ‘active’ every month if you are serious about your business or every 3 months if not, just to always ensure a 20% commission on the purchases of your customers.


Heritage Makers has a Compensation Plan that is unlike any others. Our CEO has been writing Comp Plans for companies for years and has perfected it with Heritage Makers. Our Consultants are paid based on a Hybrid System, which means they are paid in 2 different ways while 45% is always paid out, not put back into any administrative costs.

Consultants are paid a 20% commission on their sales and up to 22% bonus on their team based on their rank qualification. Moving through the Heritage Makers Career Plan can help you to earn anywhere from an extra $200 per month up to $20,000 per month over about 2-5 years of working your business.

Contact Information

Traci Buxton
Silver Director
Phone: 801.318.8489

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