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By: Michelle Hampton

My name is Michelle Hampton. I am a wife, mother of 2 and a grandmother of 2. I have been an entrepreneur since 1992. I had a temporary agency, I have a graphics design firm, a tractor trailer repair company, a trucking company and my travel company. I have had success with all of the companies but none compared to the travel company. Since joining YTB, I have been able to spend more time with my family as it is an internet based business. I have traveled to places that without YTB I probably would have never gone, for example Tahiti.

I enjoy working from home, but I truly enjoy being able to travel for cheap and get paid for it. My husband and I are closer since we have more quality time together. Since it is a home-based business, my children were my employees and they just loved being able to help mom out. Now that they are young adults they have decided to join the business themselves because they like the freedom and lifestyle it provides.

When this opportunity was present to me, I jumped at the opportunity not because of the money, but because of the travel benefits. I watched my mother and father work hard all of their lives and not be able to see the world. In 2002, I went to Hawaii with my husband. During our trip to Hawaii, my father called me everyday to ask about the weather, what I saw and what did we do. You see, he was trying to picture in his head what Hawaii was like. When we returned we showed him all the pictures and he was so excited. He died a week later. I then decided that I wanted to do something different. I wanted to be able to see different parts of the earth that God created and YTB makes that possible.

After experiencing the travel benefits and talking to people about my WHY, I soon discovered that there are many people that want the same thing. I enjoy helping people realize their potential and Dream again. So I tapped into the marketing side of YTB, marketing is optional with this company, but it has a very lucrative compensation plan for the marketing side (the compensation plan is copyrighted). So not only do I make money 60% commissions from booking travel on my personalized website but when I refer someone to this business I also get paid; and travel for Cheap. That is AWESOME

You must have a Passion for helping people. I have always loved to help people, now I help people see that they CAN dream about living and actually realize those dreams. Since travel is your business it would help if you like to explore different places and see the world.
Selling Methods

There are many ways to market your business and sell travel. Everyone loves to travel, most think they can’t afford it. Since this is my PASSION, I talk to everyone I meet about this business. I feel it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, just like Microsoft and Google were. You can have home parties, opportunity meetings at hotels, online meetings, etc. It is your business, do what works for you.

Start-Up Costs

Referring Travel Agent: Home-based Travel Agency with company supported booking engine; 2-Personal Travel Agent Photo ID Credentials; 60% commissions on travel booked; Marketing Program; FAM Trips; Services and Support -$449.00 One time fee and monthly license fee of $49.95 (reimbursed when RTA team reaches 6)

Independent Marketing Rep: No fee or travel agency purchase required. (Do not receive travel commissions or credentials for discounts)

Training and Sales Support

YTB is committed to providing tools and support to help you succeed beyond what you can do alone. Some of these tools are:

  • Be mentored by J. Lloyd Tomer, a multi-millionaire, who has assisted 20 plus others to become millionaires
  • Travel Agent Package/Training Manual (TravelBiz ToolBox)
  • Virtual Travel “Back Office”
  • Personal Travel Website
  • Online Marketing/Auto-Responders Tool Box (Automated Travel Marketing System)
  • Travel Agent Tutorials
  • Beautiful Color Glossy Brochures
  • Live Conference/Leadership/Travel Training calls
  • Superior sales and presentation materials
  • Upline training and support
  • “Your First Class Seat To Success” Interactive CD marketing system
Bonuses or Incentives

$1,000 Leadership Bonus - Once you start your power team (the seventh person on your team) you have unlimited time to earn $1,000 leadership bonuses. The first is earned when the total active On-line travel agencies sold by your PowerTeam reaches 6 or more. You receive at 6, 12, 18, 24 and 30. Then you start your 2nd PowerTeam and continue from 6 and so on.

$10,000 Dream Bonus - when there are a total of 100 or more active PowerTeam RTA’s and everytime your team grows by 100 you earn $10,000 Bonus

1st Director Position - 500 people on team

  • $2000 bonus monthly
  • Free health insurance
  • Free 100,000 life insurance

Additional Bonuses for Levels 2- 5 Directors - $50,000 to $1,000,000

Income based Presidential Rings with Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond


Must have 3 active RTAs in order to qualify for overrides and 50% com-mission match.

If working with Associations and Businesses must get Association Certified (one day class - $149) (this is optional - if not working with associations or businesses then not a requirement)

For an extra 10% travel commission match on downline, must be Certified RTA (one day class - $149). This is also required to receive CLIA (cruise line) qualifications and credentials. (This credential is in addition to Travel agent credential


Earning potential is unlimited.

1st Team (6 people) - $50 per RTA, with 3 active personally sponsored RTA’s you earn 50% match of commissions earned by all personally sponsored reps in your 1st team.

PowerTeam - Includes the first team of all reps. 50% match +$50 on powerteam sales +4% monthly residuals on active sales + $1,000 leadership bonuses + $10,000 Dream bonuses - paid thru infinity

1st Generation - $30 on all new sales plus 4% monthly residual on all active sales thru infinity
2nd Generation - $20 on new sales + 4% monthly residual thru infinity
3rd Generation - $10 on new sales + 4% monthly residual thru infinity
4th - 6th Generation - $5 on new sales + 2% monthly residual thru infinity

Contact Information

Michelle Hampton
Travel Professional/Team Trainer
Phone Number: 404-290-4483

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