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By Kari Lane

I am a stay-at-home mom of three young children. When I left the 8-to-5 business world eight years ago I always thought that someday I would want to go back. But staying home with/for my kids has changed my priorities and my perspective on what’s really important. Now I know I won’t ever be behind a desk again putting in my 40 hours a week for two or three weeks off a year. That’s not to say that I don’t miss having my own paycheck and the self-confidence that adds to my life and I actually miss the challenges of working at something other than dinner, dusting, and the science of stains. Thus my search began for a job I could do from home that truly fit around my schedule.

Over the years I tried a couple of different things but in the end I always felt like I was sacrificing my family time for my work time. You can only cram so many hours into naptime, school time, and after bedtime… without completely exhausting yourself. A couple of months ago I was introduced to Exponent Trading Company and I felt a glimmer of hope that there actually was something out there that could possibly fit.

Exponent is a brand new network marketing company and before I lose anyone on the network marketing part let me emphasize the brand new part. Exponent has introduced an incredibly innovative concept to the world of network marketing, one that I believe will capture the attention of all those people, like me, who understand the value of downlines and creating passive income but who completely abhor the thought of tying their success to forcing a product on people, talking them into your downline, and then having them do the same thing to other people. With Exponent, I get to sell whatever I want harnessing the tremendous power of eBay and instead of a high-pressure salesman to the members of my team I get to be a business mentor, a coach, and a teacher. I sell nothing to my downline and they are not required to buy anything from the company or me (unless of course they are the winning bidder on one of my auctions). This is such a fun, fresh, and exciting approach to network marketing. No parties, no required inventory, and no rejection.

If you have ever thought about selling anything on eBay or Craigslist or are currently selling things on eBay and looking for a better way, if you’re intrigued by the idea of e-commerce, drop shipping and wholesale buying, if you love getting a good deal, if you’ve ever been to a garage sale or held one, if you’ve got a garage full of stuff that you keep saying “someday” to, you have the right interest. If you can use a digital camera, type a few words on the computer, and maneuver around the internet somewhat, you’ve got the skills.
Selling Methods
All selling is done via eBay’s auction site or Craigslist. You sell whatever you want to whoever wants exactly what you’re selling, did I mention zero rejection.
Start-Up Costs

To become a Trading Agent your initial investment is $199. You can also become a Certified Training Agent for an additional $100 which will benefit you as you build your own business.

Training and Sales Support
Exponent has a step-by-step on-demand training system that has a workbook that can be printed off with corresponding video tutorials that walks you through your training and set-up.  Training can be done face-to-face, over the phone, or by yourself.  Whatever works best for you as an individual. There is also a host of other training videos in your back office that can be watched at your convenience.  I have wonderful leadership in place to help with training you how to approach people with the opportunity if you are new to network marketing.  We do not teach the "hard sell" traditional sales techniques that most network marketing companies use.  For us it is about building relationships first and business second.  It is a much more comfortable way to approach your business that actually feels good.
Bonuses or Incentives
Please give me a call for all the details of the compensation plan.
For new Trading Agents, your only requirement to stay qualified is to sell $100 worth of product on eBay or CraigsList within your first 60 days and then $100 monthly after that.  Once you promote to a Qualified Trading Agent

your requirement becomes $200 a month but will never go higher.
Again, please contact me for all the details.  Exponent is set up to not only offer passive, residual income as your business grows but also immediate income through your eBay or CraigsList sales.
Contact Information
Kari Lane - National Trading Director
National Training Instructor
406-685-3355 - Home
406-580-2087 - Cell
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