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Discovery Toys Business

By: Michele Lee

I began my Discovery Toys business purely by chance.  I wasn’t even aware that I was looking for anything.  At the time, my two children, Michael and Nicole, were 3 ½ years old and 6 months old, respectively.  I happened to be at a Fall Carnival when I approached a Discovery Toys booth.  The rest is history.  I started playing with the toys and was immediately impressed by the quality of the products.  I spoke to the consultant who was working the booth and was introduced to the opportunity of having my own Discovery Toys business.  I was intrigued because it obviously fit into my life at the time.  I could work as little or as much as I wanted.  I could work around the schedules of my family.  It was also a great way to get out of the house and spend time with other grown-ups and add additional income to our family.  This is something that I had given up from the moment that my son was born.  Up until that time, I had been working fulltime in the business world.

It has now been eight years since I started by Discovery Toys business.  My children have grown up with the best educational toys available.  I have made great friends and learned so much about educating children through play.  I have also been able to make a difference in the lives of others.  It is very rewarding to be involved in the development of children.  Also, Discovery Toys works diligently to support children and families with Autism and other special needs children.  The toys are of the highest quality.  They come with a lifetime guaranty and they go through exceptional safety testing.  The testing exceeds the required government testing.

I still love this business and am impressed every day by the quality of the toys and the dedication of the Company.  I won’t lie and say that it is always easy.  Anything in life that is worth having takes some effort.  There are highs and lows just as in any business, but the rewards are worth it.  I have made great friends and great money through the years.  I have earned trips for two for my husband and I.  We have traveled to places that we never would have seen on our own.  One of these trips was to Rio in Brazil.  It was the trip of a lifetime!

I would love to answer any questions that are not covered in this description.  I know that some people are nervous to jump into anything new or uncertain.  The great thing about this opportunity is that you really have nothing to lose.  If you decide that this business is not for you, you still get to keep all of the great toys that you received in your kit.  It is really a win-win decision.  You never know how great something can be until you give it a try!!!

You do not need any prior job experience to be successful in this business.  What you need is the desire to help children and parents learn by playing with great educational toys.  You do not have to have a background in teaching or education.  However, teachers are always a great addition to Discovery Toys.  Moms are also very successful.  Discovery Toys consultants come in all shapes and sizes.  If you like to have fun, meet new people, have great toys available for your own children, and earn extra money, this could be just what you are looking for.
Selling Methods
Home parties, fundraisers, business set-ups, catalog parties, fairs, expos, corporate sales, schools, libraries, daycares.
Start-Up Costs

Our start-up kit is only $99 plus tax and shipping.  You only need to put down a $25 deposit to get started and then the balance can be paid in two additional payments.  This kit has over $250 worth of toys in it.  In addition, you will receive all of the materials that you need to get started such as catalogs, order forms, invitations, etc.  You are able to earn back the $99 price of your kit in your first 3 months with Discovery Toys and also extra free toys.

Training and Sales Support

Discovery Toys offers many training opportunities.  Your kit will come with a training manual.  There is also phone training, mp3 training, meetings, seminars, conferences.  The director team I am part of also has our own training website.  Nothing is mandatory.  You can receive as little or as much support as you want.  I am always available for personal training and questions.  All of the leaders in our group are available as well. 

Bonuses or Incentives

Any month that you sell at least $500 in one month, you will receive an additional 5% bonus on your sales.  Any month that you sell at least $1,000, you will receive an additional 10% bonus on your sales.  Discovery Toys is also always giving us new opportunities to earn incentives and bonuses.  And the biggest incentive each year is the Annual Incentive Trip that can be earned by everyone who is willing to work for it!  So far, I have been to the Bahamas, Los Cabos, Mexico, Rio in Brazil and a Disneyland/Mexican Cruise.

Discovery Toys does not have extreme sales requirements as many direct sales companies do.  The current requirement is that if someone does not place a $100 order within one year, they will be dropped as a consultant.

As a new Educational Consultant, you start out by making a 25% commission on  the wholesale value of your sales (which is 20% on your retail sales).  Wholesale is 80% of retail.  For example, if you sell $500 retail ($500 worth of toys) that would be $400 wholesale.  Your commission would be 25% of $400 or $100. 

You can promote to different levels and earn higher commissions.  As a Group Manager, you make 40% of wholesale. 

Contact Information

Michele Lee
Group Manager
(215) 884-3960 or (215) 485-1008

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