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By Dona Timlin

My husband and I have tried several home-based businesses over the past seven years, with very limited success. We’ve always believed that there was a program out there where we could find true financial and time freedom. With two active boys and significant involvement in church and extended family activities, we badly needed the flexibility that working from home could provide. Even with my husband’s full-time job, part-time lawn care business, and my part-time job, we were still falling behind instead of getting ahead.

When we were introduced to Coastal Families, I will confess, we were skeptical. So many things had not been what we had hoped for. Still, we researched the program, spoke with people who were working the biz (and making money!!), and prayed about it. We were interested because it was not MLM and provided immediate income with high commissions (no waiting for checks from a corporate office). The company is a member of the BBB and the DSWA, and provides a fully automated marketing system with three FREE websites.

We offer a one of a kind product that is fun, and allows people to travel for a lifetime for pennies on the dollar with some of the top names in the travel industry (Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Disney, Hyatt, Marriott, just to name a very few). There’s no chasing family and friends, no convincing anyone about our product (who doesn’t like to go on vacation??), no parties, quotas, or storing/delivery involvements. You will be working with a personal mentor and have complimentary vacations for yourself. We have a simple system in place, and you can make commissions of $1,000, $3,200 or $9,705 on every sale.

Coastal has been a real answer to prayer. In the first month of starting my business, I made $4,200! My mentor made $112,000 in her first year! You can do this, too. Let me or my friend Wendy show you how. For more information, go to We are changing one family at a time. Will you be next?

Do you like to help other people? We love to help families realize that there really is hope for their future and that they can achieve freedom by working from home. You need to have a desire to change your life and situation. Look back at the past year and decide if you were happy and if you want the next year to end up the same way. If not, then you owe it to yourself and your family to check this out.
Selling Methods

There are various ways to market this business. We will teach you how to reach people through the internet to build your business, but you are also free to talk to anyone and everyone you know (should you choose). You can also give away free vacations (no additional cost to you) to promote your business.

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Start-Up Costs

To get started making commissions you simply purchase the vacation package of the commission level you want to make.

Level 1 = $1,000 commission. To be able to make this commission you must purchase the Level 1 package for $1,295 and then have two training sales.

Level 2 = $3,200 commission. To be able to make this commission you must purchase the Premier package which consist of the Level 1 and 2 packages for $3,995. (save $800) and you must have two training sales to become a qualified Director. (This is the most popular package that we have).

Level 3 = $9,705 commission. To be able to make this commission along with all three other commissions you purchase the Platinum package (level 1, 2, & 3) for $11,000 and obtain two training sales.

Once you have purchased your package and obtained your 2 training sales with the help of your director, you will be able to make that commission for a lifetime. You do not have to worry about sharing that with anyone above you ever.

»You need to understand that you cannot market a package of a level that you have not qualified to market. So that would then roll up to the next qualified Director above you.

Training and Sales Support

Coastal Families is very team oriented, and we work closely with each other. We have extensive on-line training, personal mentoring, weekly group and corporate conference calls, three free websites with personal back offices, pre-recorded training available 24/7, and free admission to corporate events.

To become a qualified director you must have two training sales that will be passed up to your Trainer (the person who you are working with) and then you are a qualified Director of whatever level you started at.

Bonuses or Incentives

As you complete sales and become qualified in each level, you will see an increase in income.


No monthly sales or quotas. Good computer and phone skills are helpful.


Commissions of $1,000, $3,200 or $9,705. Please see above under “Start-Up Costs.”

Contact Information

Dona Timlin
Level 2 Director
Phone - 412-672-2777
Email -
Web -

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