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Becky Makelainen - Unit Manager, LiaSophia

I chose this business for many reasons. One I was at a party and the jewelry was so easy to sell. Women were having a great time trying on different pieces. The party had a great total of sales and there were three easy bookings. The set up was very easy too. I mean the demonstrator came in carrying one small bag. I have been to some shows where it takes up to three trips to the car. None of that here.

When we played and ask me about my business game, I asked how much she made and told me 30% right now but she was working on becoming manger then she would make 40% and a 10% bonus off her team of what ever they sold. I said wow that could add up.

The best thing was how you could advertise this product, all we do is wear it and boy do people take notice. It is great. So I joined and have been in the business for three years as of now.

If you enjoy people and need extra cash or if you would like to work your own business to the top this is where you should be.
Selling Methods
This company is a home show party. I mean this is where we do most of our selling. But you can always do online parties or book parties.

The home is where most of the customers are. This is where we meet most of our recruits also. I feel we should tell every woman about this company.....

Start-Up Costs

The start up cost is $149.00

With this you get 24 pieces of jewelry. Enough paper work for your next 3 to 4 parties.

After you have your fist $600.00 party (so very easy) you can buy your jewelry at a great discount. The start up we have is called excellence beginnings. This is a program that lets you get paid and earn up to 600.00 worth of free jewelry during your first 15 weeks.

Training and Sales Support
That training is great with DVD’S, the computer and chat groups. The web site that Lia Sophia has is just great; everything you need to know is at your fingertips.
Bonuses or Incentives
Every time you move up in this company there is BONUSES. There are trips to work for. So far the first two Years I have won the trips. I could not go at the time of the trips, but did not lose out. NO!! I took the cash 1400.00 and 1200.00. This year the trip is to Hawaii. See you there!

Every month there are incentives for your sales. Build your team and more money for you. Recruit three people in three months and get a free coupon worth 750.00 for the next book. I tell you there is no need to buy anything it is out there to earn free.


The only requirement in this company is that to remain active you must sell 250.00 every three months. Then there are other requirements when building a team. But that is all.

Like I said, come in at making 30%

Become a manger make 40% of your sales and 10% off your team

For selling a certain amount each month there are other money bonuses 100.00 up to 350.00. You are paid every week so you don't have to wait months to get your money. Can have it direct deposit or the check sent to you.

Contact Information

Becky Makelainen
Unit manager

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