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Tri County Moms

My Partner Larry Carvano and I have been in business together for over 20 years. We spent many years manufacturing women’s dresses in the Garment business and selling to Major Department stores. A few years ago Larry and I set out to find a business opportunity that really worked, and that we could grow. After extensive investigation we were able to purchase The Back Rubber. The business has grown so fast that we were sighted by Entrepreneur. Com as one of the four fastest growing business opportunities in our category.  This growth is solely based on the success of our customers.

The things that attracted us to this business opportunity are the same qualities that attract our many customers. This is unique concept that can be developed at your own speed and this business can be done according to your schedule. You can do this either Part time, or Full time. This is also an opportunity to be in your own business without the burden of, a major financial commitment, inventory, or employees.  You can grow the business according to your own personal goals.

This is a wonderful business opportunity that many busy Moms have taken advantage of. We will help guide you through the process and be assured that “our Goal is your Success.”

Sincerely, David Simon

Your interests are the rewards of owning your own business, being your own boss, and creating an opportunity for yourself and your family. All skills needed for this business can be taught to you by one of our staff that is assigned to you as part of your business package.
Selling Methods

No selling involved

Start-Up Costs

You can start your business for approximately $4000.
We do have financing available for qualified applicants.
We offer VIP Packages
Silver Plan 4 Chairs $7,495
Gold Plan 8 Chairs $14,395
Platinum Plan 12 Chairs $19,995
Diamond Plan 16 Chairs $24,995

Training and Sales Support
We offer business consultants, and we have a technical support.

Bonuses or Incentives

Please talk about bonus options available.  Extra % paid for achieved goals, the opportunity to earn a car or cruise etc…


List any mandatory sales quotas or monthly purchases. You can also list educational/training requirements if needed.


Earnings vary depending on the number of chairs you own and their locations.

Contact Information

Larry Carvano - Vice President

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