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Tri County Moms

By: Linda Blanco

After being faced with a Corporate downsize I decided to never let someone else be in control of my income or family time!

Being with a company for 18 years and dedicating my time and life to them I thought they would always be there for me.  However 10 years ago that changed.  I started looking for an opportunity that would allow me be with my family and to work around their schedule.  My children were 7 and 4 at the time. I employed a full time nanny who was raising our children.  Hear that?  She was raising our children!

You know it was a very uneasy feeling to loose such a large income but the decision was made for me.  Things happen for a reason, you just have to trust that!  After 2 years of searching I partnered with a Wellness company that was “green”.  The Wellness industry is to be the next Trillion Dollar Industry I thought so I decided to look into them further.

Since my interests were very strong about going “green” and creating a safer healthier home I made the leap. I say “leap” because when we make a change it is always a bit challenging. Well, here it is 8 years later and I am loving life! I show people how they too can be there for their family, have a healthy and financially sound life and be in control of their time and money. Health is a priceless thing and using products that have your health at best interest is something everyone should be focused on. Now you may be say “oh, this is one of those company’s that has you “selling” products. WRONG! You will sell NO products. My company is one of the greatest things, next to the birth of my kids, that has happened to me. Helping others succeed and reach their dreams and goals is the focus of my company.

This is a company the entire family supports.  My Company does not have us taking orders, buying inventories to sell or collecting money.

We are a company that is driven to make the planet and our home a safe and healthy one! I hope you too will choose to do the same. I invite you to take a look, ask many questions and understand why I am dedicated to the TriCountyMoms Team. Partnering with
A Better Business Bureau Wellness Company with NO RISK.


Have an interest in becoming “green” but think you cannot afford it?  Have an illness that is challenging your immune system?  Have a terrible time with allergies? Maybe you have a desire to get out of debt, save for college, or save for your retirement?
The true skills needed are the passion and drive to succeed.  We can all do what we put our mind to.

Selling Methods

The good news is that we do not sell products like many of the typical home business opportunities.  Our sales method is done by opening accounts and servicing them.  We generate our contacts/clients through online inquiries, ever day connections and home gatherings.

Start-Up Costs

A one time fee up to $30.

Training and Sales Support

Training is done as a team and solo.  Meaning when the time is good for you to sneak away for some “quiet time”  “some mom” time you can tap into the many online and phone trainings.  Live training are scheduled as a team and one on ones.

Support is 24/7 online and over the phone.  As a “Team” we are here to assist everyone in their success.  Teamwork is our strength.  You’re never alone. Just look at what we offer you.

Continual Personal Mentoring and Coaching
Corporate, Regional and Team Support
Company tracking of all paperwork and accounts
FREE personal website with FREE hosting
FREE Conference Line
FREE Business Cards

Bonuses or Incentives

Here you will be introduced to the most lucrative compensation plan offered in the home business arena.  Bonuses and incentives available to all.   Company Profit Sharing, Company Vesting and a Car Bonus Plan are some of our most popular incentives offered


A positive, ambitious, go getter that is coach-able.   No stressful quotas to meet. No meetings or trainings to attend.  All we ask is that you are concerned about the health of the planet and self.


Whether your goal is a few hundred or many thousands a month,   it is achievable and documented in our Income Statistics Report! Company Income Statistics shared upon request.  Incomes up to $2.3 million/year. 

Contact Information

Linda Blanco - Owner of Tri County Moms/Eco Moms Care
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