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Become a First Choice Business Broker and help Business Owners sell their business
by locating and matching buyers.

Rather than running some mundane business day in, day out, imagine helping people buy their dream business
by matching them with businesses for sale in your area.This is an exciting franchise opportunity where this
in-demand business will have you working with local business people in your area.

Becoming an International Master Franchise

The FCBB franchise system functions through Master Franchisees that are accountable for a large area or location. Individual franchisees buy licenses from the Master and then appoint specially trained agents to run the actual business brokerage.

The agent is the mediator for business owners who want to sell their business, and for entrepreneurs who are interested in buying a particular business. It’s the responsibility of the agent to support business owners with special market evaluations to pair them with prospective buyers. A company’s profile and background will be carefully checked by the FCBB before it’s taken into the network of business brokers. Once evaluated in this way, the company that’s for sale is presented online with information such as selling price, business model, sales, and income numbers. This will be done with the utmost confidentiality.

Now you can appreciate how this online network allows a meeting place for buyers and sellers that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This is a good reason for international expansion.

Currently First Choice is looking for Master Franchise Candidates in the following countries:

  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico and select areas of South America
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom

This is very encouraging news for those who want to become a business broker and work with the best in the industry. When you become a Master Franchisee, the area rights of this professional franchise system belong to you.

FCBB is seeking entrepreneurs who have made a name for themselves in their chosen path and are confident with the idea of creating a large organization with low overhead. Other characteristics that fit the ideal candidate are interpersonal skills, drive and determination, and the ability to leverage a proven formula.

The minimum investment you will have to make comes to $150,000 without the working capital. Please note that Master Franchises are only available outside the United States.

FCBB is targeting European business owners and buyers, as well as prospective Franchisees and Master Franchisees, by setting up international offices.

So go ahead and contact FCBB offices if you want to learn more about this exciting opportunity. Invest in FCBB and invest in your future.

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Interest / Skills
Working with people; business savvy/interest in business and working with business owners; enjoy negotiating and helping people come to a resolution; being a problem solver.
Selling Methods
Over 19 different marketing strategies to build your business. Although the primary way to build the business is through building a team of Associates.
Training and Sales Support
Three levels of training. Main training is 5-days of class training in Las Vegas. Then a 12 week training program; followed by ongoing weekly coaching/mentoring. Support is in the form of proactive, weekly coaching, weekly franchise owner conference calls, monthly national education sessions and reactive 24/7 live phone help.
Lower-overhead single person enterprise option available. May require licenses in certain states – usually just a Real Estate and/or Real Estate Broker license. Low Startup Capital (now $20,000). Financing is available.
Contact Information
Jon Evans - Director of Franchise Development 
Phone: 1.800.940.9109
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