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Become a First Choice Business Broker and help Business Owners sell their business
by locating and matching buyers.

Rather than running some mundane business day in, day out, imagine helping people buy their dream business
by matching them with businesses for sale in your area.This is an exciting franchise opportunity where this
in-demand business will have you working with local business people in your area.

How Do I Get Started

So there you are, ready to spread your wings in business brokerage - specifically with First Choice Business Brokers. While congratulating you on your decision, we also recommend that you take the questionnaire posted on the FCBB website to make sure that you have what it takes to succeed in this industry. It lets you rate your preferences and skills on a scale of 1-5 and will reinforce your confidence. Remember that any experience in sales/marketing, mortgage/loan representation, business ownership and accounting or law will work to your advantage.

Let’s lay down the steps for you to get started.

1) Fill out the online information request form

This appears in the FCBB Contact page. An agent will contact you once the application is received. Alternatively, you can call the FCBB office at 1.800.940.9109.

2) Full Presentation

This is a face-to-face presentation conducted by FCBB. It will highlight in detail your role within the company, the responsibilities of a business broker, the significance of association with FCBB and also what the company will do for you. You’ll find the answers to many of your queries and can eventually decide whether or not you’d like to go ahead. You’ll also receive the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC) for more information. This step ends with you completing an Application Background for the use of FCBB.

3) Review

This is where First Choice will go through your complete application and make a decision on recruitment. The agents will also address any other questions you may have about your new venture or about the UFOC.

4) Orientation

You’ll be invited to visit the FCBB office in Las Vegas and interact with the team of people who will soon be your colleagues. You can be seated at a meeting and see how a routine day at the office is like. This is the chance to put your interpersonal skills into action.

5) Training

Finally, you will get the chance to talk to other franchisees and schedule a day for training. The extensive training program includes business evaluation, negotiation and of course a total-solutions approach towards buyers and sellers. At the end of the training you should be able to handle any client - whether buyer or seller - and his business needs, with ease.

At this stage, you are right where you wanted to be - a business broker with First Choice and a professional who is well set on the road to success.

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Interest / Skills
Working with people; business savvy/interest in business and working with business owners; enjoy negotiating and helping people come to a resolution; being a problem solver.
Selling Methods
Over 19 different marketing strategies to build your business. Although the primary way to build the business is through building a team of Associates.
Training and Sales Support
Three levels of training. Main training is 5-days of class training in Las Vegas. Then a 12 week training program; followed by ongoing weekly coaching/mentoring. Support is in the form of proactive, weekly coaching, weekly franchise owner conference calls, monthly national education sessions and reactive 24/7 live phone help.
Lower-overhead single person enterprise option available. May require licenses in certain states – usually just a Real Estate and/or Real Estate Broker license. Low Startup Capital (now $20,000). Financing is available.
Contact Information
Jon Evans - Director of Franchise Development 
Phone: 1.800.940.9109
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