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Become a First Choice Business Broker and help Business Owners sell their business
by locating and matching buyers.

Rather than running some mundane business day in, day out, imagine helping people buy their dream business
by matching them with businesses for sale in your area.This is an exciting franchise opportunity where this
in-demand business will have you working with local business people in your area.

Hiring Associates and Building a Firm

Are you a mom who is high on ambition? Are you not content to just be one of the crowd? Do you enjoy being the boss when it comes to work? Why not invest in a First Choice franchise!
When you make this investment, you are in a great position to build a firm. Why settle for a one woman show when you can grow in leaps and bounds by getting help? The rationale is simple. You hire associates and create a team of talented brokers. That gives you much more reach than a one-person business.

That’s not all. If you are working with several skilled associates, the revenue is going to increase in a directly proportional manner. The overhead will be minimal. By investing in one franchise, you can open the door to running a whole company.

The FCBB model works in such a way that you will be in control. You can hire as many associates or agents as you like. The distinctive ‘First Choice Business Broker Recruiting System’ will get you started nicely on building your firm. Not many companies give you the opportunity to go from a sole operator to a sole income stream franchise. That’s where FCBB stands out. With their knowledge and expertise, you will be supported every step of the way. Once you get started, you won’t need to look back or think of venturing into any other business again.

Don’t miss this chance to turn into a consummate professional in business brokering.

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Interest / Skills
Working with people; business savvy/interest in business and working with business owners; enjoy negotiating and helping people come to a resolution; being a problem solver.
Selling Methods
Over 19 different marketing strategies to build your business. Although the primary way to build the business is through building a team of Associates.
Training and Sales Support
Three levels of training. Main training is 5-days of class training in Las Vegas. Then a 12 week training program; followed by ongoing weekly coaching/mentoring. Support is in the form of proactive, weekly coaching, weekly franchise owner conference calls, monthly national education sessions and reactive 24/7 live phone help.
Lower-overhead single person enterprise option available. May require licenses in certain states – usually just a Real Estate and/or Real Estate Broker license. Low Startup Capital (now $20,000). Financing is available.
Contact Information
Jon Evans - Director of Franchise Development 
Phone: 1.800.940.9109
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