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Become a First Choice Business Broker and help Business Owners sell their business
by locating and matching buyers.

Rather than running some mundane business day in, day out, imagine helping people buy their dream business
by matching them with businesses for sale in your area.This is an exciting franchise opportunity where this
in-demand business will have you working with local business people in your area.

Who are First Choice Business Brokers

FCBB is a fast growing franchiser that operates on a global level. They assist small and medium sized business owners to value the business and come up with suitable buyers. So, both franchisers and business owners who want to sell their business become clients of FCBB. The company has been in the broker service for 15 years, as of 2008.

Operating for small to medium scale businesses means that FCBB is not distracted by mergers and acquisitions which are more relevant to large businesses. The fact that FCBB originated in the US, the most synchronized country in the franchising community, has proven to be an asset. FCBB boasts in depth knowledge which has kept them ahead of their competition over the years.

FCBB has grown from strength to strength, through franchising. Since its inception in Nevada in 1994, the company has established nearly 20 franchises with about 100 agents in service altogether. They are now the largest Business Sales Organization in Nevada and can very well boast of being the ‘The World’s Authority in Business Sales.’

Over 50% of the total number of business selling agents in Las Vegas work for First Choice Business Brokers. In other words, FCBB gives buyers and sellers in the region the largest network of business brokers. Their listings are exclusively available to First Choice agents.

FCBB also ranks well with the Institute of Business Appraisers, the oldest professional society devoted solely to the appraisal of closely-held businesses, and the International Business Brokers Association, the largest non-profit business association exclusively operating to benefit business brokerages, mergers and acquisitions. It’s also a member of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. So there is no question of reliability and excellent service.

The individuals in the FCBB team have diverse backgrounds such as in accounting, banking, insurance, law, and real estate. They are trained extensively to meet the ever changing demands of clients and to gain valuable experience in client management and negotiation. They are experts in handling any type of business sale, including real estate. While the company is large in size and can offer a great scope for buyers, its employees are able to provide individual attention to customers and work closely with them on all sales aspects.

According to a June 2008 press release, FCBB, with its proven franchise concept, announced that Master Franchises are available in the UK. It indicated that the business brokerage will open a branch office in London signaling the start of their European expansion. Countries such as the UK, Germany, France, and Spain have come under focus to establish FCBB’s international offices. The company is brimming with confidence that their successful formula in the US will reap results in Europe as well.

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Interest / Skills
Working with people; business savvy/interest in business and working with business owners; enjoy negotiating and helping people come to a resolution; being a problem solver.
Selling Methods
Over 19 different marketing strategies to build your business. Although the primary way to build the business is through building a team of Associates.
Training and Sales Support
Three levels of training. Main training is 5-days of class training in Las Vegas. Then a 12 week training program; followed by ongoing weekly coaching/mentoring. Support is in the form of proactive, weekly coaching, weekly franchise owner conference calls, monthly national education sessions and reactive 24/7 live phone help.
Lower-overhead single person enterprise option available. May require licenses in certain states – usually just a Real Estate and/or Real Estate Broker license. Low Startup Capital (now $20,000). Financing is available.
Contact Information
Jon Evans - Director of Franchise Development 
Phone: 1.800.940.9109
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