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Making the Right Choices in Finance and Investing

Managing your finances and knowing what to invest are important steps that you must consider, especially with a family. In this section, learn about the best ways to invest and let your money work for you. Having a financial plan and budgeting on a regular basis will ensure some security for the entire family, especially in uncertain times in the economy. Learn how you can make the most of your money, and how you can make sure it's secure.

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About Making the Right Choices in Finance and Investing

Managing your finances and knowing what to invest are important steps that you must consider, especially with a family. Learn tips on what you should and shouldn't do, and the places where you can make your money work for you and grow.

Investing Money in Stocks

What is a stock?


A stock is a share of a business, giving you partial (usually temporary) ownership of a company. When you buy a stock, you pay for a fraction of all the assets (including furniture, buildings, computers, etc.) and earnings of that company. Ownership of stocks gives you the label shareholder or stockholder. So, in short, a stock represents the percentage of the company that is owned by you.  Read More

Featured Articles
This term originated in the US and has basically evolved from high net worth financial consulting for top clients of a company. It is considered an advanced type of financial planning which includes asset management, client advisory services, and the distribution of investment products. Services are provided to families as well as individuals who have accumulated a certain amount of wealth and are in need of financial advice. Thanks to wealth management, you can easily decide what's really important to you and then develop sensible strategies to achieve your dreams and goals. You can also work up the confidence and means to challenge.. Many are the opportunities to increase your wealth in the stock market but then again, there are as many risks involved. Let’s try to gain a better understanding of the stock market by being wise to the following stock market myths: The stock market is a quick get-rich scheme Nothing is more farther from the truth, unless the concerned market is a singularly inefficient one. The stock market is a volatile and unpredictable sphere. The more the market becomes efficient, the less chances for short-term gains. Speculation can only end in success if one has sufficient experience and expertise and keeps a close eye on market developments.
While long term investments are more rewarding, there are times when we put money away for short periods, so they can be withdrawn for emergencies and for anticipated future expenses (an addition to the family, kids starting college, planning a vacation). Sometimes, you may just want to store money to wait for good investment opportunities. Risk, return and liquidity are among the important criteria to check when deciding the vehicle for such temporary savings. This obviously removes stocks as a short investment option. There are many other choices available and we’ve outlined some for your information: Initiated in 1993 in the U.S., an ETF combines stock exchange trading and funds into one product. They are in the form of securities certificates offering legal right of ownership over a basket of individual stock certificates. In order to establish an ETF, involvement of a few different financial companies is necessary. These prices at which the ETFs are traded come close to their underlying assets. They are easily unwound and separated when no longer needed by the investors. The fund manager creates the foundation for an ETF and is the central figure in its management. He or she must offer information in the form of a plan to show prospective investors how the ETF..
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